Player Chest Shops

Chest shops have actually been implemented in the server for a long time and are relatively easy to use.

Simply place down a chest, and on a wall above it place down a sign. The sign must be in this format:

Your Name Amount/Stack Buy Price:Sell Price Item ID/Name/Alias

For example:

_andy 5 1:1 DIRT

In the above example, I am buying and selling 5 dirt for the price of 1 coin. If you’re unsure about the item IDs (or for whatever reason the name is not working), use the /iteminfo command.

To purchase/sell just hit the sign.
Left click = sell
Right click = buy

Note: Chest shops are automatically lock protected

This sounds amazing. A real market of sorts. One could get very rich if they have some business savvy!

Sounds great! Is this already implemented?

Well, read the first sentence, “Chest shops have actually been implemented in the server for a long time”.

Yes, it does work. I think we need to set an area in spawn for community shopping. Something easy to get to. What about in Sandy Point? Since most all the shops are there, it would fit that players should set it up there too.

Yes, sorry about that, missed it.

Anyway, I agree with Kyle about Sandy Point being the location for the market.

Check out the new addition to Sandy Point. Its a bit of a walk, but there are currently 15 empty player shops in the marketplace.

But wouldn’t these be very easy to abuse to get loads of money by setting a super high sell-to-chest price? If that makes any sense.

Maybe but people could shop around for the best price, u wouldnt wanna pay 500 coins for 64 soil when u can pay 20 coins for 64 would u, so its just like going shopping in real life u dont just buy the object/item with the highest price unless u just wanna waste the cash then that just makes a loop hole in my theory :stuck_out_tongue: