Plans for a Possible Reset

Hey, if anyone wants to tell me their plans, reply to this post or PM me.

My plans are to make a new country, called The Phonecian Republic. The capital will be in the city of Phoenix (I’ll need help with this, so if anyone is interested, let me know). The Phonecian Republic will claim lots of connected land. That means no exclaves, enclaves, or any claves! If you have plans to make a city, let me know if you want to join my new Country. Too bad the reset has to happen :’(

We currently have no official plans for a reset of any of our maps, except Big City. If/when a reset for any map is decided upon, a post will be made in the announcements section.

I have edited the title of this post to reflect this.

Just to add to Ouhai’s point we don’t have any creative reset plans atm and usually I would assume nations are born after cities have been built.


It’s pretty clear that there is no plans for a reset - locking up.