Planetside 2 Join

Im currently playing on planetside 2 Server: SolTech. If anyone want’s to join me, I’m playing as new Conglomerate.


Screw plaetisde, too much walking around and dining randomly!

I usually play as TR, as I like high fire rate weapons, but I do have a NC character - although I am still awful at PS2 in general at the moment.

I prefer NC because of high damage. I usually only have to hit the head on the first shot to kill. I don’t like Val at all due to their lasers; I for some reason can aim worth a flip with them.

Reply to Brodur:

Well DUH. This is war. Guerrilla in fact.


But yeah, I do prefer TR, but have a NC character also. The NC music is ridiculously cheesy and makes them seem much lower than they actually are. The Team America theme tune comes to mind.

Yeah, NC’s music sounds like space cowboys or something.

It’s a glorious feeling when you mow down VS and TR as they run for cover from your glorious NC HA LMG