Planes and Car mod.

I think that in 1.9 andy should install the planes and car mod cause all the citys have roads and then instead of people having to install a mod on their computer to fly and lag alot they can build planes then we can also have battles and dog fights.

So how about it Andy could you insall planes qnd cars in 1.9???

That would cause lag…

Yeah, it would be the same as boats… Sorry, as much as I would love to see it, it’s like making castles out of live TNT.

Yet all of this bukkit stuff doesnt cause lag?

No it doesn’t. But they don’t do much. Things like vehicles cause a lot of lag.

Apparently, Brodur once went to a server with such mods installed, and there was no lag.

Maybe only if certain players are able to access it?

That was probably because it was a bloody good server xD

but u actually need to install the mod on your minecraft to actually use it on servers

Can’t mods be installed like plugins?

thats one o dem 40000 gig ram servers xD

no, it was my old server, the friendly, had 5 gb of ram and was running fine

That’d be hell…

I believe thats a bit more RAM than us. In an ideal world we could, but I dont think it makes much sense. If you understand how packets travel you could see how this causes lag on the client side too not just the server. Though it would have an impact on the server for sure. Maybe something to consider eventually but it probably wont happen in 1.9 or even in 1.10

I agree, it would cause huge lag on our server. The idea isn’t too bad though. I HAZ IDEAR! What if on our last 2 or 3 days of 1.9 we get it, then if it sucks we update to 1.10 and don’t get it again, but if it rocks and there’s no lag, we update to 1.10 and get it again.

REMEMBER… Its just an idear. :slight_smile:

That’s what my modification was :stuck_out_tongue: