Pixelmon Mini-Dungeon list.

Making this sticky so that Pixelmon staff and builders will know where the mini dungeons are, so that we can go back and check these areas to see if they need improvements, or to have TMs placed inside respawn.

Please list minidungeons as so:

Minidungeon Name


Special Features

Legenday Event Area?

TMs/Items Placed that need respawn rates added

Icy/Moss Rocks added?

Double posting to add a minidungeon

Dungeon Name: Ice Cave

Coords:1666 65 -3883

Special Features: Only place to capture Lapras (1% Chance to spawn) Only place to find TM13: Ice Beam, outside a possible Ice Gym

Legendary Event Area?: Could be Articuno Event area, or future Regice Event area

TMs in this area: TM13 Ice Beam

Icy/Moss Rock?: Icy

Can we make potential dungeons or suggestions for different dungeons and implement them in the future?

Also does pixelmon use HMs or nah

Sure feel free to suggest some. As for HMs, they are in the game and they can be used as external moves… however, there isn’t any way to limit what block they affect. There is no tree that specifically needs the move cut to get rid of it for example.