Pixelmon Installation Guide (Updated: 10/1/14)

Latest Update: 8/24/2014

  1. Download the Official PCB Pixelmon Mod Pack

  2. Make sure you already have run Minecraft 1.7.10 before, if you have go onto the next step.

  3. Locate the Forge installer within the pack thatyou have downloaded, right click it, and open it with Java. Opening it with winrar/7zip will NOT work

  4. Boot up Minecraft and click profile near the bottom left of the screen. Click Edit profile and under “Version selection” there is an area called “Use Version”. It should be 1.7.10-Forge10.13.0.1180, or possibly just “Forge”. After checking that it is that version run Minecraft (click play).

  5. If it loads up like and shows at the bottom left “3 Mods loaded” then you have done this correctly. Now exit out of Minecraft.

  6. Locate your .minecraft, if you have not already done this then on your computer press the start button on the bottom left of your screen. Find “Run” in the menu (for me it is located on the bottom right of the start menu). After opening “Run,” type in %appdata% and there you will find your .minecraft file.

  7. In your .minecraft find the folder labeled “mods” and put the mods folder you downloaded in there. Exit out of the folder and boot up minecraft and click play.

  8. If this all works out perfectly, then enjoy! You can now play Pixelmon!

If you come across any problems, PM me, Johnlh97, or Shadowmeire628 on the forums and we will see if we can fix your problem. If anyone else wants to help others with this add your name here.

[size=1.35em]Note: This does not mean the server is up, we will all let you know when it is up, this is just here for you guys to be able to get started.