Pictures to maps

A while ago, Wairoa pasted in a picture into the mapbank, which made a 2x3 big poster. That shows it is possible to make maps out of images you find online. Now, this can be very helpful for making decorations for the city. Of course, everyone can just build it off by hand, but I don’t think anyone has the time/patience to recreate an image into a map. Maps are something almost nobody uses and with that change, cities would have more decorations such as posters.

So what I’m suggesting is: Let players ask staff to paste in a map of an image for them.


I’d like to be able to offer this service, I really would; but there are several issues that need wrinkling out here –

  1. It can be done but it is both time consuming and cumbersome. To put it lightly, it took time and large sum effort to develop that 2x3 image into the maps you see in the bank.
    (For context: The alphabet maps took me 2 weeks to design, cut, edit, and schematic; and an additional 4-5 hours labour to paste them in, recolour, and ‘transparentify’)

  2. The only people who can do this are staff with permissions to access and change the schematics folder and I believe this is a rather slim few.

  3. If I do it for one of you, I (uppers) have to do it for all of you, and I don’t think I have the willpower to do this for everyone every time.

That being said, I’d be happy to consider our options here to come up with some sort of process to make the service:

  • Either less cumbersome or structured in a way that we don’t have to be constantly doing this. (something along the lines of a request box that is actioned monthly/bi-monthly etc.
  • Allows everyone the opportunity to get their maps made without overworking us (a set process would be useful)

I await further discussion.

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This would be great to offer to the Server but I’d agree with your concerns. The staff are here to play and have fun just as much as everyone else so it shouldn’t only be just doing stuff like this.

Rather then doing it constantly establishing a set date or weekend every month to do the work is better idea. I am concerned about how much of an initial flood of requests we’d get when this starts though.

We’d also need to establish conditions for what requests we would take, how we are going to prioritise them etc.

We’d also need to Establish a system to request the work, potentially looking at a webform similar to Staff apps or Ban appeals - idk the best process for that.

Probably not the most helpful feedback being still wish washy but its some points to think about.

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In any case I feel as though this is something we absolutely can offer, so we’ll find a way