Photography Thread!

Hey! As some of you may know, I’m an avid photographer ( and I’d like to share some of my work and also see what you guys have taken! If you’re a photographer or not, please post!

For pictures with a large resolution, the command is quite useful.

Istanbul, Turkey

Tokyo, Japan

Zurich, Switzerland


Ive been trying to post pictures but mine keeps on saying theyre too large, how did you reduce them all?\

But wow nice photos!

Awesome ;D ;D ;D I love to see more of Japan though… :’(

More Japan for Courage! I’ve added captions so if you end up in Japan, you know where I was :slight_smile:

@twan961 I uploaded them to imgur and used the “Large Thumbnail” size. It gives you a different imgur link.

^ This photo is of the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. It’s the largest in the world! The men are unpacking boxes of fish. ^

^ This photo is of Shinagawa Station, one of the main stations in South Tokyo, and what happened to be my station. ^

^ Here is the koi pond near where I was staying. ^

^ This is the National Art Center - Tokyo in Roppongi. I didn’t get to see any exhibits, but the building was cool! ^

^ This is the view I had from my hotel in Shinagawa. It wasn’t a tourist-y area, which I loved! ^

^ Not the best photo, but this is the shinkansen (bullet train) I rode from Odawara to Yokohama. ^

^ Tokyo Tower! ^

^ Finally, the famous Shibuya Crossing, viewed from the second floor of a Starbucks :stuck_out_tongue: ^

I have around 500 more photos from Japan, but I don’t want to put them all here, so if you’re looking for anything in particular, @CouragetheTiger, please ask!

Really stunning photos Amp! :smiley: What camera do you use? I was looking to get an entry level DSLR and I was thinking of the Canon EOS 1200D. Any thoughts?

That’s what I use! Perfect entry-level DSLR! I’d recommend it in a flash! XD

The photos from Japan were actually before I got my camera, so if you wanna know what the camera can produce, look at Turkey and Switzerland. The Japan photos were taken on an iPad xD

Thanks Amph really helps a lot that u recommend it and even better that you use it yourself ;D

Wow! Great AG looking forward to u posting some more!

I have a bunny picture currently on my lost SD card.
Until then,

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Well that explains why conservatism > liberalism.

Also those are some nice pictures, Amphi!

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Also, Bryce, Yoshi’s from Britain. Different political system.

Also, Bryce, thanks.

Thanks for the Japan photos ;D ;D ;D. I like to see what day to day life is like there lol. Those are my favourite photos.