Personminecraft - 22nd of May, 2014


Minecraft Username Personminecraft

Date of Ban 22nd of May, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by marco

Reason for Ban Ban limit?

Reason to be Unbanned How was i banned 5 times, and one of them technically wasn’t even a ban because that time it was not a bannable offense

[ Ban History ] 4 other ban appeals found
19th of April, 2014

18th of April, 2014

13th of February, 2014

6th of February, 2014

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Besides i was banned 3 times

I’ve even had trouble with you person, I agree with Marco. 4 times is enough, and you should stay banned forever. Sorry. - Also this makes it 4 times you have actually been banned. This is number 5, but you take off the one you did for the other person.

I’m really confused as to why he was banned this time

Yeah… He was banned why?

He was obviously unbanned by his previous banner. If the reason really is ‘ban limit’, then he should be unbanned.

His previous ban was by me, because he locked someones doors, anyway hard was the one that unbanned him last time

Actual reason was ‘Banned for the 5th time. Permanently banned’

Banned by marco, I’m sure he had a better reason than he’s been banned 4 times before.

Either way, why was he unbanned anyway? Banned once is too much, but 4 fucking times?!? Come on guys…

If Marco doesnt respond to this, he has 100% chance of being unbanned, as that reason makes no sense at all.

He obviously did something again, and we seriously can’t unban him after everything else he’s done.

Especially with Ruby’s staff post.

We do need an actual reason for the ban. I’m sure Marco can supply one, but if he does not, I’m with John on this. Locking a door was not worth a ban to me.

I’ve heard more people complain about Unwanted PVP. I banned you for that before…

Sorry if I’m not supposed to comment, but he did more than lock doors, (my doors, all of them in my building) he spawned thousands of animals inside the building and around, and griefed and edited my stuff without permission. I think this was under the ban which was called ‘locking doors’ :0

Locking this. No more responses for 3 days.
@Staff If anyone does NOT agree with the ban let me know