Personminecraft - 19th of April, 2014


Minecraft Username Personminecraft

Date of Ban 19th of April, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by i dont know…

Reason for Ban for making doors public?

Reason to be Unbanned i made doors public i didn’t know he would tear em down… and it’s my birthday :frowning:

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
18th of April, 2014

13th of February, 2014

6th of February, 2014

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Banned by anth. Last time I checked this was not a bannable offence.

why everyone gotta be a hater on me eh?! some people are messed up…

I banned him for locking doors in davids building without davids permission

Seriously, person? You really got banned… again? This is like twice in two days. You already got 3 appeals. I personally don’t think you deserve to be unbanned again, you need a long break. You say everybody is “hating on you”… No, just no. Do you expect us to just let you do whatever you want and not punish you? I think youve caused too much trouble. Also, I don’t give a flying f*ck if it was your Birthday, it don’t mean you can do whatever you want. It makes it seem like you did it just because you think you can do whatever, just because it was your birthday. Just stop and leave, please. Not to be rude, but still. Either clean up your act or leave. But, its up to Anth.

So the only reason was locking of someone else’s doors? Just to be clear… That’s not a bannable offense.

I will unban him tomorrow. He should know better however that he should not touch other peoples builds without their permission.


To quickly chime in…

Locking someone else’s doors is considered griefing as it comes under the term of ‘Modifying/editing another’s build’.