Personminecraft - 13th of February, 2014


Minecraft Username Personminecraft

Date of Ban 13th of February, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Marco

Reason for Ban Unwanted PVP

Reason to be Unbanned I’m very sorry for the PvP and I wish to ask for forgiveness. Plz unban me. I wish to be playing this weekend for i get a 4 day weekend.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
6th of February, 2014

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You would have been unbanned if you’d bothered to check how your appeal was doing. You obviously don’t care about it.

Marco said told me on his time to reply by Monday for him, as I live in Hawaii and I had to clean my house I couldn’t check till Monday night my time.

He gave you, almost a week to respond…

Why didn’t you just respond to the old appeal? He gave you like a week to reply back… It kind of looks like you don’t care. Marco also wanted a GOOD reason for him to unbann you.

I told him to re-appeal yes, but please try to use proper grammar. Oh yeah, give me a better reason btw.

I’m very sorry for the PvP but I just thought that someone else was attacking chen then I thought chen started attacking me or something… P.S. Marco you’re a very tough nut to crack…

Well i did say that i had to clean my room did I not?

Person, 1st, no one was attacking me, you were attacking another player and i told you to stop.
After that player tp away, you started to attack me. After you killed me the 1st time I gave you a chance and thought you were just playing. But then I tell you to stop and you don’t listen, and you killed me 2nd and 3rd time. It was not just not knowing, you were killing me for fun.

How the crap does it take a week to “clean you room”? That ain’t a very good reason. And telling someone they are a “very tough nut to crack” isn’t something you need to be saying on a ban appeal. You’re not acting like you actually care… :confused:


@Person why did you even PVP after I warned you several times? Why didnt you listen?

Lots of times I feel very strange and I can’t control my self.

WTF is so many people not involved responding?

I’m sorry if you think it’s stupid but I don’t always know why I do things.

Dude… he only gave me 4 days… and my room can be very messy.

I just want forgiveness please?..

Jesus, dont post FOUR times in a row -_-, This won’t help you getting unbanned at ALL.

You have UNTILL tomorrow to give me a good reason. Otherwise you will remain banned.

could you please give me a example of a good reason for you Iv’e said all of my reasons but i don’t know what kind of reason your talking about… :(’

I asked you some questions, Why didnt you listen after the 1st time?

I guess I didn’t take you seriously…:frowning: sorry.

Well that was honest, and thats what I wanted. But this is your LAST chance!

2 day tempban.