Pebble Mountain (prilaman's town)

Hello everybody! ^^ I started a town about 1 week ago, and this is just a place my residents and people wondering about the town can click in and check out whats going on! :smiley:
So as of today I got 2 new residents totaling at 4. We have kinda a church in the valley (joshm0nkey we need to add glass and a roof). I have 4 houses, one o them being mine. I am thinking of ways to build a library but I need a lot of book shelves if anybody would be kind enough to donate some.
I have some basic rules set up for the town as well.

  1. build with wood or cobble, WITH wool (wool is a standard, if u don’t have any stop by market or get some from me or manager online)
  2. ask owner or manager online where to build
  3. respect other players
  4. build in ur designated area, may ask to extend ur area

Coordinates :
X 1962
Y 108
Z 891

(will post pics soon)

Thank u and have a great day! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you do count yourself as population. And it sounds like a great town. Pebble mountain sounds good.

Okie dokie! That makes population 4, yay! :slight_smile:

If you post the coordinates you can get a SOP+ to make a warp for your town. For a town to have a warp it must have at LEAST 3 residents.

Okie dokie, il try to figure out coordinates. but um, dont i have to use the hot keys? (F1-F12) cuz mine dont work… :frowning:

try using function (fn) then F3

where is that button?

fn of function, is beside left cntrl (bottom left)

:confused: i cant find it…

Hey bro, i dont have it either, i think its a special keyboard you got there, or it may be mac.

erm… I’m on an HP laptop. function, its the button beside left Ctrl if you cant find it, give me a picture of your keyboard please.

I have coordinates posted, can u make warp? :slight_smile:

THATS RIGHT!!! my keyboard on my laptop had one of those buttons! but im on a pc, and dont have it, but i know what your talking about there bro

Town name is now Pebble Mountain :slight_smile:

My desktop does not have a function button either. That’s normal for desktops because laptops do it for the needed space.

F2 in minecraft takes a screenshot. F3 brings up a display of stats, among these is the map coordinates you are at. Are you saying your keys themselves are broken?

well, im not sure if they r broken. its just that when i try to use them they dont work… :frowning:

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