I, galvinator05, Asdvard, CaptainGalv, whatever you call me, I am requesting, out of NewSilvermoor, to start a new PCBT line, possibly including Samville, Asdvard, Botanic, Doha, Eleric, Caryard, Asperia, and RosettaCity. if any of these owners would like to join this new line, that would be great. I plan to start the line once I obtain a warp, but I am asking now to gain clearance to start this new line once I get my warp. Thank you.

Hai. Seems cool. Maybe connect my city too? (Avalon)

Is it a realistic line or one that uses tracks? I’m not sure if a realistic line would work with Samville, but we could make a realistic train station on the outskirts of the city. If it’s one that uses tracks, you can connect it to a platform in Samville train station. :slight_smile:

Realistic, as that is the rest of PCB. Still waiting for some staff to give clearance for this new line…

You only need to ask the permission from the towns your railway goes through.

Well, we consider minecarts unrealostic, as at least most of PCB uses real trains. I can help connecting some cities, and maybe taking some of them to existing lines, it would be very good to have trans-map railway, as if you could get a train in a city and go everwhere by railways.

I was thinking out of the existing Southern Line, create a new railway, the 6th, probably taking the name Southern Line and the current Southern Line, the 4th, be renamed the Clarita Shuttle. The connection to other PCBt will be through Silvermoor (currently Southern Line) for now. As I am waiting for the other cities to respond it has not yet been determined if it will be minecart or realistic.