PCBT (v3?) - Project City Build Transit (tm)

Hi All,
So, there are gonna be mixed opinions about this, but, I’m planning to resurrect PCBT (Transit, not transport), purely as an advisory and support body for the creative map.

My proposition for PCBT (v3?.. 4?.. 5?.. i dunno, I lost track ages ago) is this:

PCBT (Advisory body):

  • Creates recommended standards for transport infrastructure, such as runway lengths (blocks) and train widths and gauges
  • Creates purely RECOMMENDED standards and will in no way be enforced upon anyone.

PCBT | Rail (Support/building body):

  • Assists players in designing and or building their stations/platforms/concourses/tracks if requested (This may include light rail)
  • Plan routes in collaboration with town owners for rail corridors
  • Bring large scale tunnels/bridges up to a high aesthetic level in-between towns where players may not want to dedicate time.

PCBT | Motoring (Support/building body):

  • Assists players in designing and or building their motorways/intersections/sound barriers/nature strips if requested
  • Plan routes in collaboration with town owners for road corridors
  • Bring large scale tunnels/bridges up to a high aesthetic level in-between towns where players may not want to dedicate time.

PCBT | Boating (Support/building body):

  • Assists players in designing and or building their ports/ships/terminals

PCBT | Aerospace (Support/building body):

  • Assists players in designing and or building their airports/planes/runways/terminals and surrounding infrastructure

Basically, PCBT will create recommended standards, and the relevant departments (Rail, Motoring, Boating, Aerospace) will bring these standards to life.

N.B. PCBT in this form will not be a staff/server run body, it will be a volunteer body with players from all ranks who are willing to assist others in creating better creative transport infrastructure, with the goal of creating a more connected world.

If you are interested in helping, I will be beginning with PCBT | Rail to begin with, and have begun the first project of creating a continuous rail line in north running from Portland to Gibraltar:
Portland > Konin > Oakwood > Creative Spawn > [Unknown Town] > Ceres > Clarita > [Katycat’s City] > Gibraltar

Here is the Progress so far:

[ Red ] = Track Build Completed
[ Magenta ] = Track Build Planned

If you wish to contribute to PCBT in anyway, please comment below.


  • Mannriah

Point of Contention: PCBt was never dead. It’s just nobody was working on it for a while. But this is still a thing, and work is still ongoing for the Hyperloop project.

It’s still 1. We never actually closed.

We also already have a logo will edit to add when i’m on a computer that doesn’t block imgur

Standard: 2 minecart rails with a one block gap in the middle. Maximum incline is 1 block vertical per 5 blocks lateral.
The standards are enforced if you want a PCBt station. If they weren’t, it wouldn’t be a standard. If you don’t want to build to this standard, you don’t have to have a PCBt station.

This is what was previously happening before the Core Network project was abandoned. With the Hyperloop project, there is already a line planned and in construction.

There was some sort of system about this a while back, but it was cut down pretty quickly to just rails. If you think it’d be a good idea to expand back into boats and planes, then by all means go ahead.

This has always been the goal of PCBt. It was run by staff and trusteds because these were the only people who could be trusted to go through with the whole project (it was later halted for different reasons).

There is also a Hyperloop line as below:
Port Royal > Hokkaido > Freehold > Oakwood > Konin City > Portland

For reference: If the point of this is to do what PCBt was supposed to do in the good ol’ days of July but without totalitarian power trips, then you don’t have all the facts. PCBt has been running without said power trips ever since the fiasco a while back.

*Any inaccuracies will be fixed soon when I can actually get on PCB.

Basically what Asmo said: PCBT never died, and we even still have functioning lines right now! All of the processes you mentioned can totally be started up again by yourself if you’d like to delve into the transportation field, so I’d highly suggest looking at the older PCBT posts to get an idea of what that entails.

hold up so, as we had confusion from before, are cities still allowed to have their own transit systems i.e Metro Systms/Bus ect or does PCBT Control this aswell?

PCBt don’t actually control anything as such

PCBt are just a group of people willing to make trains/rails/maps etc for you.

You can have a station of any kind without asking anyone.

and yes, intra-city lines have always been allowed.

PCBT currently works as PCB Subways or National Railways did on the previous map, just another group making transport.

IMO, it’s probably best to start something like this for the next map reset (which will not be 1.9, perhaps 1.10).

I always thought it was 'Project City Build Transport, but maybe that was just me.

You’re really good at making it sound like an evil corporation…

Was I one of those reasons?

Also, Winterly still hasn’t been connected to the PCBt line yet…

most places haven’t. PCBt hasn’t done very much in ages

As long as PCBt no longer restricts/limits anything, im 100% for this. If it does restrict or limit people, I’m 100% opposed.

Judging by the comments above, and the post itself (yes, I read it all) PCBt will NOT limit people, but instead positively help and support people and their cities- in that case, I support it

I believe I apologized to most, if not all of the original PCBt members individually for my rather shitty behavior months ago (JmvRail dispute), but if I’ve missed anyone, I’m sorry for what I did all those months back. I was very mad at the time, that I wasnt allowed to build my own train system, and went overboard (ship pun on a train post?). JmvRail died ages ago anyway.


I don’t see what the point of PCBT is apart from to help people build things the can’t be arsed doing because its not part of their city… Please do correct me if i am wrong.

I really like the logo.

The point of this post is that I actually wanna get shit done, which hasn’t happened so far. I’ve already started to fill gaps and I’m hoping this garners interest so that more people can be connected to rail / ports


I have also been doing slow-paced highway work in Portland/Konin as well as Clarita/Arial. There are some existing highways that I’ve been trying to map connections to but alas it’s a process when some of the highways are just awkwardly placed. Previous maps what we we would do is have 2-3 cities made relatively close to each other and just draw one large (I think it was 4 or 5) lane highway to connect them. It also made room for new land if people wanted to contribute cities along the highways with permission of the nearby city owners. We can’t exactly do this for this map since cities are already existing and are in weird adjacent angles to each other

 Prince, I remember that there were 4 major highways in the tri-city area, of the previous map. The widest one having 4 lanes, and connected cspawn with Raymont. Then, the second highway connected Raymont with Acra City. The third highway acted more as Acra City's western border, aside for one suburban neighborhood that had mansions within its claims. Lastly, was the extended part of the second highway (after its intersection with the third highway, in Acra City), which connected Acra City with cspawn, north of the capital building.
 I have been busy on working with my city, Freehold. There has been a lot of work done in the city, and there is still more work to be done. Luckily, I have built the frame of Freehold (most of the roads, and highways have been built), but I still haven't fully connected my highway with ThatOneCop's town, Minneapolis, since he hasn't been online in a while. So I left it the way it is today. If you're wondering if I got permission to build the highway, I have, and you could ask ThatOneCop when he's online for proof.

Here’s a map of the town:

 Mannirah, I have been working on the Central Line, of the old PCBt lines. Now that you've planned to connect a portion of the PCB map, I wonder if the planned route I have made should be made? I like it when my town is connected with the world.

Here’s another map of Freehold for some help. Hopefully, if you don’t get confused from the abundance of bright colors (rail lines), this one includes the Central Line, and the planned construction of the rail lines:

About this /seen shows that he hasn’t been on for almost 2 months. so communication Might be a bit challenging

Update: Portland > Konin > Oakwood section of the line is now complete. The next stage of this line will be construction of a ‘Creative Spawn Station’. Once the station is complete, construction of the track linking Oakwood > Ceres.

Feel free to build this line Brooding, Im not telling anyone what they should and should not build. If you like, you can run the line close to intersecting the line i’ve constructed, and ill work out a way for the lines to integrate.

Ceres has two spare platforms but they all point north. If you can be bothered to do curves, it could serve as a good interchange.

N.B. The city south of Ceres is called Wysteria and is mostly completely inactive. The like goes south of the through Firma to Clarita but underground.

Thank you for giving me permission to build the line west of Ceres.

 Since the main line linking Oakwood > Freehold, then Freehold > Ceres instead of simply linking Oakwood > Ceres would seem like a major inconvenience, I will connect Freehold > Ceres as an extension, but won't physically connect with the main line. The extension will be accessible at the train station in Ceres.

I’m sorry, Asmodean. I can’t rename “(Unknown) Station” with Wysteria Station, as the original Photoshop picture is now a JPEG picture (If I placed the text, Wysteria Station, where “(Unknown) Station” is, it would lay the text, Wysteria Station, on top of “(Unknown) Station”). The text would simply look like scribbles.

Update: Thank you, Vex. :slight_smile:

If you post the JPEG I can edit out (Unknown) Station to Wysteria Station