PCB's Ranking System?

Hey all.
I have just began to explore Bukkit mods and i’m curious into how the rankings system works on this server. I under stand how to give certain people permissions but i’m wandering what mod is used to display peoples ranks? For e.g. In the chat people ranks are wirtten next to them [M] - Member [O]- OP . Then when you use /list command it shows the groups in which player belong.

can anybody please tell me how this is done?

Essentials in combination with PEX and OKB3.

For the ranking system do you use Permissions or do you use essentials?

ohhh right PEX XD

[glow=red,2,300]Moderators are our trainee Operators. They have access to all player management commands such as kick, ban and more. From this point onwards, the only method of achieving this rank is through application and approval.[/glow]

So if this is what the moderator rank is according to “The Ranks” page, why are there not more Ops?

I do not know the exact numbers, but I believe the hierarchy of ranks is in a decently conical shape. What I mean is, there should be more members than Mods, more Mods than Ops, more OPs than Mods etc.

I don’t really see an issue with the positions people have simply because there is not much difference in Mod to Op.

Something I think would be helpful for the staff and/or everyone is to have a part of the “meet the team” page display a list of the Staff so we more easily watch the ranks. Frankly, I lost count during classic! (I used to keep a list of staff for easy referral).

Is the meet the team link supposed to go somewhere? It always just reloads the page for me.

Yeah… It’s not done just yet. It will be eventually.