PCB's 5th Birthday

Hello everyone!

3 weeks from today (19th October), will be PCB’s 5th Birthday!
To celebrate, I’m suggesting a build in Big City to Celebrate!

It’s the least we can all do to show our appreciation.

What does everyone think? Good idea, or bad idea?

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Shiieett PCB is only 5 years old? I feel like i joined somewhat early on…

Yes. So much yes.
Also congrats on mod vra!

pls dont leapfrog me like david did, k?

uhhh thank you, wait what?
HAHA Didn’t even realise 'till I saw this, i am now mod, thanks asmo!
I can’t make any promises on the leap-frogging :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’m thinking a giant 3d pixel art cake structure possibly? Mmmm cake ;D

We should make a big park or something in BigCity and decorate it with cakes and ribbons and such.


Cakes and ribbons. Always a winner.

hhmmm ideas

I think that is a really good idea VRA! !f you want any help I would be happy to help! =)

First off, [glow=red,2,300]CONGRATS ON EARNING MODERATOR![/glow] wild crowd cheering And that’s a great idea. I’d love to help make something to show PCB’s birthday. Let me know, and Ill try to get involved :smiley:

Thanks JM :). I’m sure you could lend a hand or 2 (or 3???) if this goes ahead.

NO! Jk. Of course. I can get a few others to help too, Im sure.

If Mountain Dew was in Minecraft we could make a dewpool. I’ve tried it, you just use Pam so you don’t get all sticky.

Also, we should add giant balloons, a PCB 5th Anniversary banner, and maybe a blimp too.

Sounds caffeinated.

Very, very caffeinated.

Code Red or Baja Blast?

I can help with the blimps and banner aircraft. Maybe even a PCB Museum to celebrate? Man, very cool to think that its PCB’s 5th year online. Thanks for such a good time PCB and staff!

Very cool :smiley:

Original Dew. ONLY original. Dew. Mountain. Sentences. Incomplete.

You have been witnessing the side effects of an adewction. (addiction to dew)

It’s PCBs birthday on Monday, we need to lock something in. Lets build it in test city, and it can be moved later on?

I think MrFerf’s idea of a Park is probably the best one! We can add hot air balloons etc flying over as well.

Post below on what you think should be included in the park design, so far I’m thinking a pagoda/deck, maybe a chess board, a fountain, lots of foliage, a cake/ballon monument.