PCBNational Job Centre

[size=12pt]Hi guys! I’ve noticed recently that some members are either requesting or needing jobs to be done. I want to try and make this more efficient with the PCBNational Job Centre. In this building you can advertise or seek jobs from any town and get work done efficiently!

I have laid out a board with how the system works in the Job Centre.

You can visit by warping to Greenford. /warp greenford

If you do wish to have your own branch in your town then that is fine. All I ask is you follow the job system that will be used everywhere.

I hope this concept works out!
All the best
AGx :smiley:

Awesome idea, AG! :wink:

Great Idea. Few things tho.

  1. mabye do it on a creative city (not everyone has signs on them)
  2. split up location and details (Player, Location, Details, Pay)
    example location sign:

  1. group jobs by type (e.g. Land filler jobs on one panel, Build your own building on another)

I like that a lot! I suppose we can do it for creative because I wasn’t sure initially but making a separate section can fix that

I already made my comments to Agx in game regarding this nice idea, but I’m gonna reiterate and comment for others to see as well.

I like this idea, although I wasn’t too thrilled about it being in just one survival town I posed the idea that PCB National Job Centre would be a nice chain business to start in other Survival towns as well, that way there isn’t just one center one. Putting it in spawn would be a bit of a hassle only cause worldgaurd and such exists. I’m not opposed to it being in the creative map so long as the jobs are specifically meant for the survival world and NOT the creative world as money should not be exchanged over creative jobs (thus kinda messing with the economy), however I think it’s still a good idea regardless and I’m gonna encourage people to put these in their survival towns anyway even if no jobs are available

What would be reeeeeeaaaaaly nice was if we could somehow have several job centres in different Survival and Creative towns that were somehow connected between them so that whenever someone added another job offer all the other boards would automatically synchronize and update themselves in order to also include that new job offer. Guess this is simply not possible, right?

everything is possible with plugins :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that, but it could also be an inconvenience. If a player is trying to hire someone, they could just warp to one city, look at board, and hire person. Done. But, if there were several in several cities, said player would need to warp to all of them, find all the buildings, find all the people, ect.

Both are really good ideas, though.

Maybe we could have a dedicated warp, like with /warp stocks?

Looked at all the comments. Thanks everyone :smiley:

Mark is right about the creative money issue. Looks like we’ll have to make all creative jobs voluntary.

I like Ely’s idea of syncing the jobs but making or finding a plug for this may cause hassle but the intention is that each job center will have the jobs that are only situated in that specific town’s branch.

With JM’s suggestion of not having several job centers, I disagree. Several local job centers should be situated and cmon it isn’t that hard to warp.

And Asmo, how would the warp idea work if we’re having multiple job centres?

Once again thanks for the feedback :smiley:

I’m with AGx on this each town should have its job list because the only way a warp would look good is if each town had its section but there will be to many. Plus its easier for the mayors to be able to list out their jobs the way they want.

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