PCBan Source.

For anyone that wants source, post here and I’ll shoot you a PM.

Hey Sip – could i get PCBan? – Just wondering - John

Yes. You need a MySQL database for it to run though. I have taken flat files out. If you still want it I’ll pm you

O: John I wasn’t aware that you’re a programmer

He wants it for his server… I assume…

Ah, but even then, isn’t it still broken >.<?

Nope fixed it months ago… posted in numerous threads about it being finished.

Sip then why do I see people who have been banned before are now back on the server when I know they haven’t been unbanned…

XD Wish i could understand java better. :stuck_out_tongue: I would love to code a plugin or something. Maybe ill learn this during the summer when i can’t play minecraft. :smiley:

Sac because the plugin isn’t implemented. I don’t know if we will use it again. That’s up to andy and spec.

Oh xD thanks for clearing that up for me xD

Well, i guess i cant have it :wink: no mysql database yet =(

Isn’t mysql free? I know I have it because I have to to run classic. I also used it before when working with Dragon Age’s development tools.

'Tis Kyle.

Sip do you have access to spacebukkit? You can install it onto our servers from there.

So – wait, is Spacebukkit like mcmyadmin?

Thats a yes…

Would you recommend Spacebukkit over McMyAdmin?

Speaking of Spacebukkit, when are liam and I gunna get our accounts for it? Nobody even told us we’d stopped using McMyAdmin till sip told us about it…

Kyle told me to access it using his or sips account. But, the actual page is very slow to load due to my awful internet recently, so I haven’t actually used or looked at it yet. That means I prefer mcmyadmin at the moment xD

EDIT: Just tried it, me gusta.

So did yall just switch to this spacebukkit during the last update?

Yea, while survival was being updated we switched. If someone wants to install PCBan go ahead, though I think it will need some configging from spec.