PCB youtube account

I was thinking, it would be awesome if PCB had it’s own youtube so we could show off to the world what we have achieved here. Big city is epic and it could draw people into the server if they are able to see it before actually joining.

I would be happy to run the account and open up and e-mail account where you can all send videos to be uploaded.

See ya later



That channel is a bit useless at the moment, it needs some videos. I think the e-mail would be good though, so everyone can send in videos to be uploaded.

What is the E-Mail?

we have an email i made the youtube and the email at the same time its [email protected]

OK then,we need to get people filming stuff and sending it to that e-mail to be uploaded.
A tour of bigcity would be good or a timelapse of a project…

You could also put on it just silly things. Like pushing somebody into a hole, possesion, funny buildings, ect…

Two words.
xD i think we should make basiccally an advert sort of thing, with clips of some of the buildings, and different maps, i could do that when the servers next up :stuck_out_tongue: infact I SHALL!!! xD

Any music reccomendations? would be good if it fitted with the video.
nothing to depressing too xD
something like ‘Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden’ would be alright.

Niice! Even though it’s a test, it’s really good.
Perhaps finishing the whole map first… 'cause I saw in the video some buildings are basically empty, just floors… :S

Big City, no matter how crammed it is, is never finished. Buildings get rebuilt, something new is done underground. Just film what appears the best!

So,what is the e-mail to send videos ect. to???
When the server gets back up, people can do their own mini-series of stuff.

[email protected] is the email fat and i know the pass and will upload the videos

I also know the password. I heard you dorks say it. Jk. So if you REALLY need to post something right away, like IF I DON’T DO THIS NOW A ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE WILL DESTROY THE EARTH type of thing, then yes I will upload it for you. Other than that, no.

lmao jet fatso and i made one today on bots and /rp

Good good.

I would like to do a building with Ouhai series but i need a scrren recorder… any suggestions?

nope i was gonna start like a game show series if fatso was up to it

I wanna do either funny little bits or some epic trailers for PCB. I guess you could do some sort of news show like they do on Saturday Night Live. Yeah! That’s it! We just need to create a place to film it! Like a TV studio in BigCity! YES! THAT’S IT! WOOOOOO! GO BRAINSTORMING! [shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]YEAH![/glow][/shadow]

hahaha are they all taken on project city fallback???

ya, pcb is down so cant get on there do do it on there =/