Wow! The second PCB World Expo was a giant success! The Judges and I were very impressed with some of the pavilions that the community have built together. The pavilions were difficult to judge and the results came close for some countries. Nevertheless, the show must go on!

Before announcing the 3 winners I personally couldn’t thank you all enough for taking part and making this competition a giant success! I didn’t think the event would be as successful as it was and there are many people that I thank for spreading the word and making this happen! You know who you are!

The Winners:

1st - Australia
2nd - France
3rd - United States

Once again thank you everyone for taking part! Everyone will receive a Participation badge as a thanks to all that took part in the competition as well as the winners receiving their special badges. (these badges are custom to your PCB Profile and listed under Badges).

Stay tuned for the third PCB World Expo next year!


World Expo badges have now been given out. If you got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd then you’ll have got a special medal badge. If you participated then you’ll have got a participation badge.

If you don’t have the badge you should message me please.

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Wow ive actually only done a yute that probably got trashed but hey ill take that :wink:


Well done guys! Some really impressive entries this year :slight_smile:

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Good job Team Australia from Team Canada, still relating to you from right side up and across the sea.

As a part of France, I had a lot of fun building in this year’s World Expo. All the pavilions filled me with amazement to no end and essentially everyone that took part spent their time and effort to detail the finer moments and aspects of the value to live on Earth. With all it’s glorious nature and wonder, the Aussies totally deserve the gold, and the Americans did a fantastic job with their influence spanning from coast to coast and maybe even further wink wink. If there’s one nation I hope to see take part in next year’s World Expo, it would surely be Sealand.


Congratulations to everyone for a great effort. I was especially impressed with the French pavilion.

Until the next expo adios!


Goed gedaan iedereen (Well done everyone) from the dutch duo. I had a lot of fun building my plot and learning about other countries. Can’t wait for the next expo.

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