I love the mindcrack UHC series, and as a few people have wanted a PVP event, we could have a PCB UHC on this server.

(Some) Mindcrack UHC videos:

How to set up UHC:

Please share your opinion in the poll and comments.

I’d NEVER be good at this, so if this goes ahead, I volunteer to make the map as I’m realistically never going to play it. ;D

I say no. Mainly because we havent even done a hardcore server yet. Not to mention that what keeps the players at a certain health involved a lot of redstone and some NBT edit.


Oh for those who dont know what UHC is, Its Ultra HardCore

Sword, It’s a command block with [tt]/gamerule doNaturalHealthRegen false[/tt] in it. That’s hardly complicated.

And UHC is a tournament, so it would only last for maybe four hours.

Really not interested in UHC

Hm i guess i am out of the loop. Last i heard (before game rules) there had to be nbt tags and redstone.