PCB twitter?

So I recently joined twitter…shock shock I know…but what is PCB’s thing called?
I am "new"ish…and I would also like to know if having followers is good or not.

PCB’s twitter is @ProjCityBuild but it isn’t used much…
Having followers is good if you’re a celebrity or you want people to know what’s happening in your life.

Ehh ok

twitter newbie huh? lawl

BTW i never knew we had a twitter page.

I didnt either…,

I think we should start using twitter more when we get more noticed. Just cuz there are prob some people that would check twitter a lot more often than the forums.

good idea myth!

/give Mythbeast some Gold Blocks

If you look closely, there’s an icon for each of our social media platforms in the top right corner :slight_smile:


lol didnt see it xD

i check that more than forums xD

tad off topic

but is it against the tems to post a diff ip adress?

i dont see it either…


ummm what about the survival games then?

I made the twitter, I need to give out the password to a few more people, so it could be updated more regularly. (Ops+) Msg me if interested.

goof, when i finally move into the new apartment, if i continuously have the time, i would be more than happy to help out with the twitter account. gimme a few days and ill have an answer for you

Sounds good.

:confused: Well that stinks, i would love to help with the twitter thingy, but i’m kinda not OP yet. :stuck_out_tongue: