PCB Theme Park Build Off!

[size=2.65em]Theme Park Build Off

[size=14pt]go to /warp park for the official location!


  1. Build in your own space.
  2. Theme Park related entries (coasters, drop towers, mini-games, etc.)
  3. Donnot build line queues.
  4. Group builds are ok! Prizes will be split.
  5. Rides must be functional.

Contest ends Saturday 1nd April at midnight GMT.


[size=1em]1st Place:
[size=1em]$7500 in game
[size=1em]5 spawn eggs

[size=1em]2nd Place:
[size=1em]$5000 in game
[size=1em]3 spawn eggs

[size=1em]3rd Place:
[size=1em]$2500 in game
[size=1em]1 spawn eggs

[size=1em]All entries posted here will receive $200 in game.

[size=1em]Thanks Ouhai for the format ;D

I got this!

Created event on event page.


Neat event!

If you have a better image and/or icon let me know and I’ll upload it to the folder for use :slight_smile:

Ferr, you need to sign on and come check out my roller coaster entry. Not try’na brag, but it’s AWEEESSOOOMMEE!

i entered this but my name is not on the list, idk how to get it on the list so hopefully im still officially in

Its fine, thats just a formality. Just make sure to put your name on your ride.

Hasn’t this been done for a while? I worked hard on mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

It has, sorry I didn’t post anything. We had the vote, and here are the results:

Kurry #1
Pie #2
Anth #3

All the members have been paid, and if you want the spawn eggs, talk to an SOP

I would like to thank everyone who entered this contest!

wow I won! thanks ferr this was a great contest :smiley:

can we do this again?