PCB Survival City Achievement Awards + Memories + Update


[size=1em]At the top of this page you may submit 3 votes for your favorite Survival city/towns.

You have until October 28 (10 days as of original posting) to vote. Winners will be announced on this day.
1st - $1,500[size=1em]
2nd - $1,000[size=1em]
3rd - $500[size=1em]
($ must be shared if more than one significant owner)

[size=1em]If I left anything out please let me know asap. Prize money will be awarded once the new map goes live. No fingers crossed on the official day for the map to go live, but as said in previous posts we are trying to roll it out before Halloween. That being said we are aiming to hopefully get it running by the end of this competition. You may also use this thread to discuss memories of the survival map. Happy Voting, Good Luck to All :slight_smile:


I love survival but i don’t really know the survival towns. So i kinda just voted the ones that i have heard of. just saying also wat is this for? ???

You missed Vos, one of the best looking survival towns without an owner for so long…

Excellent point. I just added it.

=P you know what i am voting forrrrr =D

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all those voting for @ElydoreMD 's towns Taussat and Arcachon, it’s the greatest feeling to know that my work was appreciated and just thought I’d let you in that your votes are not going unnoticed!

Thank you all!

And Vos definitely gets my vote :slight_smile:

You… Welcome, Twan :wink:

can i assume that vos doesn’t have a warp anymore?
I’d love to fix some stuff up but yeah :\

Part of me thinks we should reset voting so Vos has a fighting chance.

Yeah, we removed the Vos warp to stop noobs greifing it without an owner. I have since repaired the grief, but it still lacks a warp.

With the Top voted cities all being Staff-owned ones it’s only fair that none of the staff receive prize $. [glow=red,2,300]HOWEVER FEEL FREE TO BRAG ALL YOU WANT (amirite!?)[/glow]

Top 5 Survival Cities:

  1. Arcachon & Taussat (15 votes)
  2. La Lazooli (14 votes)
  3. Farcoast & Vos (8 votes)[/b]

So Vos is not owned =P Let’s divide all the money over all the players! everyone 1 dollar ! x3

Thanks everyone who voted for Arcachon and Taussat, it makes me quite happy that you guys appreciated all the work and effort Twan has put into those amazing cities! :slight_smile: And congrats to the owners of the other top cities too!