PCB Server tour

I want to make a PCB server tour with some people, post below if you want to be in it
When?: tomorrow around 18.00-18.30 (GMT)
What do I need to do?: You have to post below with:
• IGN:
• Timezone:
• What do you want do do in it?
• (optional) Any other ideas?

I also want a few people on TeamSpeak, wich are longer than 2 months on the PCB forums/servers
How can I come on TeamSpeak with you?: well, post below with:

• IGN:
• Timezone:
• What do you want do do in it?
• (optional) Any other ideas?
• are you afraid to show your voice?

Can there also be someone who can make a Temporary channel for it with a password? (I will message a password)

Thank you for reading


I would but I can’t do it tomorrow man, could you make it earlier or another day?

I’ll see, If there are more players with the same problems, I’ll move it

I can do any day this coming week at that time.

Things to show:
Yomi’s cave town

I’d love to go on TeamSpeak with you Ka.

If you want at least lol

IGN: Brodur
○ Timezone: Central(Time of post: 5:00 PM)
○ What do you want do do in it?
Ban you

○ Show you my airfleet for kicks and giggles

ocram, tomorrow is the first night of Passover so most of the Jewish member might not be able to make it.


Do you also wanna go on ts?

Sure, why the hell no, all videos need that squeaky nasally kid.

Made a channel, ill IM you the password


So are we on for tomorrow or a different day?

Tomorrow (today for me now)

Not sure I can today, but I can tomorrow.

IGN: liam599
Time zone: GMT, at time of post it is 10:50
Not sure what to do, I’ll do anything really, give me something to do xD I can also do teamspeak.

i would do it but the only problem is i have no clue the different time zones so i don’t actually know what time that is where i am

Well, it’s 11:10 GMT right now. So it’s 18 GMT in about 7 hours.

I could also edit some of the video if you want, make the speaking clips shorter and cut out pauses or messed up words etc if needed. Possibly add overlays. Up to you thoug marco.

Okay, just posting this for time difference to figure out when to get on

So 7:00-5:00=2:00
then 7:00-2:00= 5h… YEAY
GMT -6
800+500=1300 :left_right_arrow: 1:00 PM

What cave town?? I can show Steampunk and My Bunker…

I think he meant steampunk…


• IGN: Ouhai_Ruby (but you knew that right?) by 05: No =p
• Timezone: GMT
• What do you want do do in it? Tour BigCity and other iconic places.