PCB Pokemon League?

i was thinking about making a PCB pokemon league for those of us who need something else to do while mining, im just not sure how many other players actually play the DS games.

What i was proposing was going to be like a Pokemon League. Several players could be Gym Leaders, having entire teams that revolve around certain Types. there would be 8 Gyms, and an Elite Four, and then a champion.

Proposed Types for Gyms would be
Fire -Gym Leader Mythbeast
Gyms will be in OU and anything under all the way to Baby tier. anything except Ubers.

Elite Four would be Dragon

Champion would be a mix… Probably either me or Sacred honestly.
Elite Four=Champion will be Uber tier playing, these will be the absolute HARDEST battles you’ve ever expireanced.

But yeah i was wondering what people would think. But would like people to have a complete team that was varied though sticking to the type of the Gym (IE a Water Gym could not have a Scizor in thier team)

so yeah like i was saying : Gyms- Single Battle (3 pokemon/team Level 50 matches)

                                      Elite Four- Double battles No rules (up to level 100 Pokemon, 6 pokemon/battle)
                                      Champion- Same as E4

This League would be for Pokemon Black and White/ Black and White2 as the two play interchangeably regardless of the new Formes.

Gyms are NOT allowed Legendaries, for either the Challenger or the Leader, just keep that in mind.

Here is my Pal Pad info, just incase anyone else is looking for a challenge: 0820 1418 9548

Please post in this thread if interested, if i get enough people ill go ahead and sticky this and we can get this ball rolling =3

Happy Battling!

grass elite four <---- xD I want THIS BulbaSaur!

nvm i dont have black and white

I strongly doubt we have enough members who own B/W and have also got a specific team of Pokemon set for any of the roles listed.

Also, that Elite Four type is lame. Old school please. Rock, Ice, Ghost, and Dragon.

WEEELLLLL i found a Battle Simulation on the interwebs im thinking about using, i think it could be a fun way of doing this, as opposed to Wi-Fi battles on the DS. ill post more when i have an idea of how i would do this.

Nek i know it SOUNDS lame, but im thinking more along the lines of one Legendary and of pseudo legendaries for those people to work with IE. the new Gen 5 Legends Verizion, Terrakion, and maybe Shaymin, and then considering ALOT of the fighting types are in either ubers or OU nowadays, that would be a tough battle if someone did it right.

guys Google this for an Online Old school Pokemon game ( like red blue yellow gold silver crystal ruby sapphire emerald diamond and pearl)


Friends of mine are working on developing this game.

I call fire type gym leader :3

Myth, that is fine as long as you can keep up with it, i need people to be on regularly if we are going to do this proper.

Honestly, Yomi, im going to use a program called Pokemon showdown, it has an opensource java code ive downloaded, and about to set up a server for this. It allows you to set up your own team from ANY pokemon from any gen, with any items, and any abilities or formes.

Give me tonight to set up the server, and lets see how it works.

To anyone who wants to be a Gym Leader/Elite Four Member, i will need to overlook and try out your teams. If we are going to do this on a program that allows ANY combination of pokemon with no effort, i want the teams to be tough.

Im going to Edit the first post to reflect these changes now