PCB Playlist / Favorite Music

Hey guys! Javi, AGAIN, errr hate that guy!

Anyways I was thinking the other day, I know we have PlugDJ, but What if we put together a PCB playlist? That would be like the most rad thing ever right? MHMM

Whats your favorite song/music/artist, or whatever in that range, is what i wanna hear from yall!

TBH, an old fave of mine has to be Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine, but yea I have a lot of music!

PCB Playlist (To be edited and added to)
Username | Song | Artist
Javi - Flightless Bird -Iron and Wine
Nikobain - XIX -Slipknot
Nikobain - All Apologies -Nirvana
Amphitryon -All For You -Louis The Child
RoboticRampage -Moonlight -She
Yeshyeshiam -Break and Enter -The Prodigy
Yeshyeshiam -Speedway -The Prodigy
Yeshyeshiam -The Heat -The Prodigy
Yeshyeshiam -Energy Drink -Virtual Riot
Yeshyeshiam -Sweet Traffic -Tiesto
Yeshyeshiam -All Star -Smash Mouth
Yeshyeshiam -Seeya -deadmau5 ft. Colleen D’Agostino
Yeshyeshiam -Mirror Man -Ella Henderson
Yeshyeshiam -Stronger -Clean Bandit
SpllatPT -Sandstorm -Darude
PrinceMark -Heaven Knows -The Pretty Reckless

favorite song has to be either XIX -Slipknot or All Apologies -Nirvana

My favorite song changes with the winds. Right now it’ll probably have to be Moonlight by she.

Louis The Child - All For You

^ Artist ^ ^ Song ^

Where would this playlist be located?

Good question, also looking for a way to create a public online playlist of some sort that everyone can hear and play? Any Ideas guys?

YouTube playlist?

I know you can do this on Spotify and just share the public HTTP link which can be viewed and listened to by anyone (maybe only those with a Spotify account?) in their browser.

Oh, I’m also a big fan of “Find You” by Marshvll. Might be a bit hard to find on the internet, I first listened to it through SoundCloud.

Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless

Love and Rock N Roll betchez

Effectively anything that’s by Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne and/or in the charts. At the moment my top five is roughly:

5 Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand
4 deadmau5 ft. Colleen D’Agostino - Seeya
3 LunchMoney Lewis - Bills
2 Ella Henderson - Mirror Man
1 Clean Bandit - Stronger


I can do that if needed.

At the moment i like Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray.

It really bugs me when people put the song name before the artist… Don’t know why, it just does…

My ‘top 10’ in no particular order:

Mendum - Stay With Me
Curbi - Dime
Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief
Fox Stevenson - Like You
Fatboy Slim - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris Remix)
Eminem - Bad Guy
Dr. Dre - I Need a Doctor (ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey)
Linkin Park - Castle of Glass
Kanye West - Power
Ed Sheeran - The A Team

Not necessarily my favourite 10 right now, just trying to show my varied music taste a bit…

I really am into

“Flesh and Bone” by The Killers

Right now.

Here are some of my fav songs.

Break and Enter - The Prodigy
Speedway - The Prodigy
The Heat (The Energy) - The Prodigy
Energy Drink - Virtual Riot
Sweet Traffic - Tiesto
All Star - Smash Mouth

I have too many to add…

[size=10pt][b]Been listening to this music group called ‘Years & Years’:
Maybe these two songs could be added in:

Years & Years - Take Shelter
Years & Years - Desire


Shia LaBoeuf Live - Rob Cantor

Don’t forget Years & Years - King, that got to #1 in the UK in February.
2015, if anyone’s asking.

Yes. Just yes.