PCB on youtube.

Hey guys! well the title kinda says it. PCB on youtube.

well i was wondering if i could actually use that channel and see if i can get it back up in the youtube communtity

if so PM me the User and Pass

if not please post no thanks or something along those lines. ill try and keep the good name of PCB :stuck_out_tongue: not like my videos i will never post that i took today :stuck_out_tongue:

abny reason why you dont want me to get the User and Pass is fine by me! (as long as it makes logical sense)

We are setting something proper up for this soon :slight_smile:

O.o define soon

I’d like to be able to use it too… might think about doin some vids…

i would laugh hard if we got PCB partnered with machinima or something XD

Ital look in staff board XD

Within a few days probably. By the weekend sound good?

Oh… :stuck_out_tongue:

idk how to send it :l

@sword, try uploading it to a site somewhere so we can download it, send the link to a mod/op/sop to review it

fatso your skin looks like sips XD

Ummm, sipjca? no?

He means the yogscast guy, called Sips. But your skin doesn’t look like him apart from the pale faces…

on the topic of yogcast, what is that? is that like Machinima or something?

Looking forward to some vids :smiley:

Trevor if you want to make some I would be happy :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s some people that pretty much do let’s plays and a few other things.