PCB olympics

We should host a olympics games. maybe instead of every 4 years we should do it more often. here are my ideas

here are the events
Archery death match
boxing- hit the person out of the ring. there is soul sand in the middle of ring
pig racing
Snowball fight/dodgeball eventhough it aint olympic sport
basket ball- there is a LWC chest plugin (we have that plugin) that acts like a magnet. my idea is to have players try to drop it into the hoop/chest

who wants to try this out?

If we go thorough with this, the archery should be hooked up to some pressure plates, or shooting a painting off a wall onto some pressure plates.

yeah. or buttons! arrows now trigger buttons u know

yayaya someone +1’d my popularity!

wow I must say that sounds pretty cool. at the beginning on this thread I thought you meant classic so when you said archery I was like ? I especially like that pig racing idea.

thx gamer. im still thinking how basket ball might work

i would love to do this great idea andy i just hope other agree to join so it can be done :slight_smile:

Sounds like an interesting proposition.

for awards we should give 2000 $ to the gold medalist a gold bar with sharpness 4

1000 for Silver Iron bar with sharpness 3

500 bronze brick with some enchant.

thanks fo one uping my popularity

I might want to attend. Will this be in survival or creative?

ive been avoiding this thread like the plague, but now that ive read it im fairly intrigued. +1 again Andy for creativity. im looking forward to it.

Likely you should build the arena in creative and move it to survival when it is finished. Competing in Creative does not really work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait? Build in creative but completing in creative doesn’t really work?


Build olympic stadium in creative.
Have someone sop+ copy it over to survival.
Host pcb olympics.
Give awards.
Go again next year.

Yeah. I was thinking of making either a Birds nest or a Arena based off of the Sydney Opera House!

Im gonna let you guys decide. Ill try to work on it and feel welcome to hop in and help :smiley:


if you want you can help… Ive decided to do the opera house ( srry for the people who wanted to pick a theme) just tp to me in creative and youll land in the arena surrounded by ocean.

Update: we are done with the PVP arenas and the boxing arena. we are also done with one of the archery events. we have made the base of the main arena. New sport called WitchBall. ask Brodur for details. (please spam him with private message) we are currently working on Gymnastics (Parkour)

anyone is allowed to help and those who do get a special seat and a box full of fireworks up in the front.

Right now we have a few helpers: Marco (cram) Animang Dragon_Slayer (he tested some parkour and stuff out) Ouhai Ruby and Brodur.

Errr, OK then?..

Can I please help build? I can help with redstone as well.

What city will the Olympics be held in? We could vote?