PCB Montage/Showcase Video

Ok, so a while ago I’ve wanted to make a montage video for PCB. I still do. But I can’t include amazing creations that I haven’t seen myself. So if you want your creation in the video, or if you have a suggestion for something (creative/survival - doesn’t matter) please post below. Also, if you want it to be shown in a specific texture pack, let me know.

I want to complete this after 1.9/1.0 comes out, when our server will be going “public”.

Planned Shots:

  • Sipjca’s calculator
  • Liam’s Mobtrap
  • My house (near redstone playground)
  • BigCity
  • Riso’s City
  • That one epic airship place (Delta)
  • Ital’s mountain temple(s)

Possible Music:

  • Approaching Nirvana

Yeah can you show my 3x3 dirt house with the music ‘we are the champions’ that is all.

Yes, that - also with awesome star fade transitions! Alright thanks guys, I’ll go work on it right now!

I made a lever connected to a piston which lifts some glowstone? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
I might have something, when my mob trap works, you can float through it and record xD
It will also be built underneath a huge ass castle thing.

i made a giant golden pe- errr i dont think yall wanna see it

Lol ggg, howd i know?

PEN. He made a giant golden pen. <.< yeah.

in creative, my shipyards maybe? i have to do the harbor and dry docks yet but the shipbuilding rig is done, also if you guys have noticed i haven’t been on lately, i have computer problems (hard drive wont spin up on power on)

I think for everyone that can record video should and give it to goof eventually. Hopefully we can make this really awesome, I want my next version of the calc in it :P:P

OMG! How about my mountain temple in creative?? I think its very nice… ::slight_smile:

My huge interchange between CorraVista and WestSpur.

It is a very impressive thing to make with Minecraft and definitely unique. I have NEVER seen a realistic highway on google made with MC EVER.

Also it is not yet done, I will tell you/update the plan thread when its done! (ITS CLOSE!)

Everything sounds good - but as for other people recording, it’s gonna be GB’s of footage unless they convert it down and upload to file sharing or just share it through torrent (completely legal).

You could show Big City in creative! Now THAT would make for a video!

Oh yeah. Definitely :smiley:

It’s not done D:

We better get to work then XD

I remembering wanting to do this a while back, maybe this time it will happen.

I have a video made and prepared to go up on youtube and then i can put ads on it to get the server some moneyz :slight_smile:

But ill wait till we start advertising.

Well, we need a list of what people want in the video: cities, personal creations, etc. specific texture packs are also welcome. I would love to do this and bring people to PCB but I need some things. Anyway I don’t really have a deadline but hopefully after Minecraft officially comes out and we’re ready for the flood of people we’ll have it on YouTube.

Well, I use dokucraft light- the saga continues.
My mobtrap is unfinished, but once I have finished that, you can float through it with some mobs, and record what happens xD
Also, Sips calculator, whether he wants it in or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely do. I’m going to be working on a third revision this week. I’m drawing it on a piece of paper at school atm.