PCB Let's Talk Day. Jan 27th 2016-End The Stigma Around Mental Illness!

[glow=red,2,300]Update[/glow] Today Is The Day!
the time has come, today, stand up to hatred and stigma! do what you think is right to stand up to the Stigma! :smiley:

Hello Everyone, its whbilbo, and recently there has been some media issues that circle around the stigma of mental illness, i propose that on January 27th 2016, we can talk about, and potentially break the stigma of mental health, and share our stories, here in Canada, a company, Bell, does their own version called, Bell,Let’s Talk day, where people all over the country will share their stories about how they have dealt with the stigma around mental health. Stigma is spread through The Media, for example, if your favourite celebrity was diagnosed with a mental illness, would you see them differently? those posters you put up of them, or their songs you bought, would you see those as being a waste? i hope not, the following is my story, and i hope you all dont see me differently.

The Following are some links, http://letstalk.bell.ca/en/end-the-stigma/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhdCWifI7M0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZhpPTcOFR4

-=-My Story-=-

At the age of 10 i was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a type of Autism, and after this i was regarded to by fellow students as Different as a child, i was relatively new to this kind of stuff, and as months went by weekly trips to the psychiatrists were slowing down, slowly but surely i was taken to the ground, abused, and hated, by fellow classmates, and eventually, administrators at the school had to step in. about 4 years passed, i am a Grade 9 now, and recently i had to go up north to the small town of Iqaluit for 10 days in northern Canada, to escape from the stigma surrounding me, upon our arrival back in Toronto, i was diagnosed with Low-Mild Schizophrenia upon hearing this people would retreat into their knowledge and refer to me as: a nut-job, crazy, retard, unwanted, asshole, and i didn’t want to be effected by this, right now, i am going to a psychologist monthly just to check in, Do You See Me Differently?

so. this is why i think PCB should hold a Lets Talk Day, Since this is a Friendly Community, ( Mainly )

we should be allowed to tell our stories without being harassed, and give out knowledge to other members who may not be aware of the stigma surrounding mental health.

-The Following are mental illnesses that people might be harassed about
Eating/Physical Disorders
Intellectual Disabilities
Posttaumatic Stress Disorter PTSD
And Other Mental Illnesses

Either Way, No one, should ever be told, they are different, we are all the same, from the cells that make up our bodies, to the atoms that helped form the universe, no one should feel that they must be quiet about who they are.
please. feel free to tell your story or comment on how you will end the stigma, turn this :-X into this :slight_smile:

thank you, -whbilbo

I think that’s a great initiative Whbilbo, and you are very brave and headstrong to be able to share your illness, and no-one would view you differently! I fully support the awareness of ending stigmas surrounding Mental Health!

This is a wonderful idea. I for one know a few people with mental disorders and learning difficulties (and my sister has diagnosed me mildly autistic because she’s studying a degree in psychology), and this would be a great opportunity for all of us to learn to understand what’s involved. I think there’s a lot of stigma because people don’t understand mental illness like physical injuries, as they’re not as obvious.

This will be a great learning and teaching experience for all of us :slight_smile:

My .02c:
I think opinions on mental illness should be similar if not the same to the way opinions on gender, sexuality and race are headed:
Fuck if I care.
You’re a good member of the community. Ergo, I like you. I won’t throw people out because they have a mental illness. I might throw someone out and additionally they have a mental illness but it won’t be the reason why.

I don’t view you any different. You’re a great friend, and major key (DJ Khaled right here) to the success of our community.

I think the idea to have this day is innovative, brilliant, and unique.

I don’t view anyone differently, My Brother has autism, he doesn’t speak, and does self injury to his head constantly
even If I’m not the one who’s Autistic I still get tons of rude comments. If you need someone to talk to you know who to call :slight_smile:

My Story

Hello, My name is Nolan, William, Montcalm and this is my continuing battle with facing myself for who I am. It started when I was about 9 or 10. I cant remember to be sure, it was the 4th grade and all of us guys and girls (not very sure) were having little crushes on girls and I noticed something, I was thinking some boys were cute and I had a crush on them, but girls as well. I just ignored it and I didn’t think of it for 3-4 years. but, in the 6th grade I became very alone I was bullied and which I was both mentally and emotionally scar’d. It was the most alone I have ever been in my entire life. The other guys would call me gay or faggot, I just couldn’t handle it and all my anger, fear, and sadness snapped one day, I was getting to my locker when one guy named Dawson, came up to me and repeatedly was shutting my locker when I was trying to open it. I swung my foot inside the locker and he slammed the locker trying to crush my foot enough so I would take it out, he thought I was weak and spineless, but I turned around and I pushed him as hard as I could tripping him as he stumbled and hit his back on the floor, in that moment he looked at me in fear, I hate to say it, but I felt that he deserved it. everyone just starred at me. a couple of girls whispered to each other then looked at me. I didn’t care. from that moment on, sure they’d be dicks but it got better. in the summer from the 6th to the 7th grade I was becoming obbsesd with watching YouTube and one day I found this one YouTuber, Joey Graceffa and he’s gay. After watching him for about 2 months, that feeling of being attracted to guys came again, this time it was different. I started realize I wasn’t just liking girls. After a while I became to realize that I might be Bi-Sexual. around that time my feeling about girls became less and less. I felt started go into a deep depression but I told nobody. I acted the same way I always did, I got this feeling that being gay maybe wasnt right. and I would think, Im Gay, NO im not gay. gay isnt right. Then, One day I looked in the mirror, I tried to say it just 2 simple words. “Im Gay” but I couldn’t the idea felt so life changing, that I threw up. I slowly started to belive it was okay, I went to the state fair that year and I sat on a bench checking my Instagram when I saw 2 guys run past me holding hands, laughing, giggleing, having a fun time, they were a gay couple. pretty soon it was back to school and I thought this year was going to be terrible. But it wasnt I met this girl name Jaiden she was a few inches taller than me (Im 5,0’’ -5,2’’ ish yeah short) and I became close to her. We got really personal about stuff, we would sit in the corner of the library until 1st period everyday talking, But I never told her my secret. I would constantly have this aching feeling inside like throwing up that this isnt right. My parents would see Gay couples on TV and say “Ugh, those gay people HELLO their gay they make fucking sick.” my would say and I felt even worse. That vey weekend I got on my bike road 6 miles to Jaidens house, Nobody was home but her that day. I told her I needed to say something. We went upstairs to her room, and I told her. I cried as I told her she sat their listening all afternoon as we talked. Then, I told my other friends, my online ones, some of you were nice others, taunted me saying, “Your gay? so that means you like dick? what do you want one up your ass? do you get enjoyment off of that you fucking gay faggot.” I immediately cut all those people out of my life. now 6 months later, I’ve met a guy named Ethan, and we both are sort of together nothing too much because were keeping what we have a secret we mostly chat online nothing sexual but we both like each other but something tells me, we can never be together.

my first thought when seeing this was holy shit thats words after reading it i apreciate how open you are about your story sharing it publically take some big balls

I had known his story for some time now, but every time I read it, it makes me madder. I’m personally straight, but why cant society accept everyone?

This is honestly so amazing. It takes a lot of courage to post something as detailed as that does. If you’re afraid of people on PCB bullying you for this, make sure to tell one of our staff members and we can ban the player; PCB is open to everyone.

I’ve come to realise that the reason society can’t accept everyone is because humans are cunts.

I created another option in your poll, as I fall under it.

My sister has been diagnosed with Depression, and I know many who struggle with forms of it or anxiety. As well as this, I tend to want to be there for people who have issues like this, and am already well aware of the concept. As for ThatOneCop, thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure many feel for you, and understand your pains you had growing up with such a thing. As for me, I am bisexual. I grew up rather religious, however, so never had many thoughts in that department, if you will. In the last three to four years, I have been coming more to terms with it, and have long since fallen away from my religious practices.

Because of all of this, I am hardly a judgmental person for anything. Religions, sexuality, identity, mental disorders/illnesses, I don’t give a rat’sass about. If someone is truly a nice person to the core, I treat them as they deserve to be treated. If anyone ever needs an ear to vent, I get forum PMs, as well as notified via Facebook or Steam, and even Skype on phone and desktop.

Back in 5th grade my family moved to San Antonio. For a period of three years after that, I went to five middle schools. Each one had bullying in its own way but eventually faces just began to blend. No one talked to me, I didn’t talk to anyone. Got in the occasional fight. Eventually I learned to imitate each group. Then, finally, middle school ended.
Anyway, last year (Freshman year of HS) I was diagnosed with depression and sociopathy (With the latter being most likely incorrect) Now I lie compulsively (At school, not here) and practice long-term social engineering.
Dont know what to do.

Well i just realised that i forgot about it today, bilbo - im sorry

So maybe ill tell u my story in short words (that would be way to much to type and im supposed to sleep now XD)

Um. So im gay, and as most of u know im from poland. I dont feel like i ever had any problems with it, becouse i tend to forget what was happening after my 18 birthday party. My old psychologist (?) told me that its my defending mechanism.

But, to begin, ill tell u what happened on my birthday party. So in poland 18 BD party is like big celebration day, coz according to law u become mature. And i well known my sexuality long before that, so i had a boyfriend, that i invited to that party, as my friends boyfriend (my parents didnt knew that im gay, so i had to make it hard to find out). We had nice time together with all friends, and him, till we got real drunk (blood prob. switched to vodka XD) and we got a bit to easy on the rules we made before party (like no kissing etc) and we found a way to get out of the party unseen as we were thinking back then, and started kissing behind the building in a dark. it was fun, we had a lot of adrenalinę, coz we knew that my parents r just behind that building walls. ppl on the party eventually noticed that we r gone and my best friend marta called me that we should go back coz my parents r a bit suspicious… so we went back, and it seemed that nothing happened, i told my mom that “sorry but i felt sick and i had to go out and Ceiro “boyfriend” was helping me get back to life”. So party was still going it ended late at night, all of my family went home, me and my friends had to go back eventually too.

And at this moment, when we were going back home i had dumbest idea in my life (well kind of, i dont regret it now) - i thought that my bf can go with me to my house… and we didnt think this throw, coz my mom saw us bouth going into my room. that was total random for her. so she checked my room, and told us that she will bring him matrace, so he can sleep. and there was our next drunk dumb idea, we said that he doesnt need one, he can sleep wirh me (XD smooth af). she was a bit like wtf but she agreed and went a sleep. im gonna skip this part here if u know what i mean XDDDD.

we woke up in the morning, (thank god that sun beams, not my mom or dad(!) waken us up)
we went down to eat something, and my mom started asking some random questions to my BF, like she wanted to check if hes real BF of my other friend from party… she didnt have a lot of time, coz we had to go for a train - so she ended up knowing nothing… but she had to drive my bf to the train station, and i went with them. and when we were there, i wanted to say goodbye to my bf somewhere out of my mom sight - but i couldnt coz when he got out of the car, i told her that im going to say bye to him, and she shouted that i have to stay in a car and she quickly drived away from train station, while asking me who was that. i was like super scared of her, so i told her with tears in my eayes that im gay and that was my boyfriend, and to not tell that to dad. and she shouted some pointles stuff and then said that she promise that she wont tell anything to dad.

so we went back home, i closed myslef in a room for a moment to cry the shit out of me, then went to the toilet to get back to normal and went down stairs to watch some tv and pretend nothing happened. i was not really noticing what is my mom doing. after 20mins of tv i heard somebody slaming doors so hard that i felt it on a chair as it was shaking - that was my dad. My fuckn father, who was ment to never find out, but my dumb mother, went back home, after promising me that nothing will happen, told that my father that im gay and i was prob fucking with my bf in my room.

so. he slamed that door, runed into me sitting on the chair, almost got me on the ground by jumping on my legs and sitting on them so i cant run, and asked me “why did u do that to me”. I was like wtf at the first place, but after secounds i relised what hes talking about. i saw my mother in a bacground - i stared into her eyes and said that i hate her, and she has no way to getmy trust back, and i will be saingthat every day till the end of her life, so she will never forget what she did.

This whole situation went ever worse, coz after that insult from me, my mom told that i need to leave my bf, i wont be gay coz she say so (lol) and that “we” have to make some rules. So we sat around table, and she started to point out some insane rules, that were all concentrated on that “what will ppl say if they find out” and their own homophobic point of view. also, the most insane apart from leaving my bf, was leaving all my friends from that 18 bd party! coz she was saing they all knew and didnt tell them…

If that is not insane enough, she writen it all on a paper, and i had to sign it, so it is “legit law”. like who the fuck have this kind of ideas? in home? to ur own fuckn kid?

So here ill speed things up:
I didnt realy follow those rules,and i had like 2 gay social media accounts, that she found and of course again told dad, who accualy bited me, so i had to skip shool for a week so nobody can see my scares. She also went to my shool and told the headmaster to split me from those friends from 18bd party, and that i have to check in in his room every time i go to shool. she also hired, and corupted (like bought?) two psyhologists, that were talling me that i am sick, and gay ppl r all wrong, and there will come time that i wouldnt like to be gay (one of them were trully facist…). but thats not all,mother wanted to sue my (ex)boyfriend for having my pics (as she told me) illegally…

After some time it all settle down, and it was semi-ok apart from some random anger attacks from my parents and fiew more arguments and fights with my dad (i wasnt really fighting coz im litteraly a skeleton XD).
Year after 18bd, i went to new school - universit iin city far away - meet some new ppl, had 5 boyfriends (dont judge me XD) in 3 years, and here i am now - seeing my parents for 1/2days in a mouth, not giving a shit about anything, not scared of socieity at all, coz all of this what happened to me made me strong enough to just dont care and defend myself when i need it most.

so yeah.
this is my story that i dont go around and tell random ppl :slight_smile:

hopefully u can read it with all my English mistakes XD

Except bigoted cunts. We’re definitely closed to them.


Good on you for sticking up with what you believe in. I think eventually homophobes like your parents unfortunately were will eventually become just like the people in the 1930s who still thought women shouldn’t have the vote - as in, met not with “yeah I agree” but “lol wtf you on about? did you grow up in the 90s or something”

Pfft, religion. That was written ages ago, back when homosexuality was bad. Note the past tense. If you want to pull the bible on us, how’s bout this:

Basically, it’s ok to own slaves if they’re not Christian.

Good to know.

[details=“Spoiler”][size=24pt]I don’t want to turn this wall into a religion vs atheism wall, but there is a pretty good answer to your question at:


  1. I believe that the word “will” is a future tense word. I suppose I will have to check that though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Homosexuality to me is on the same level as murder, swearing, and lying.

  1. “back when homosexuality was bad” - it’s also back when stealing, adultery and murder were bad.

  2. That’s just my opinion of the matter, and I was voicing it. It seems like my opinion is quite an unpopular one though. Homosexuality to me is on the same level as swearing, lying and murder. To me they are actions against God, but luckily he is always willing to forgive. This is probably going to become one of the hardest views to have soon though.


That was almost the worst phrasing I could ever have done. Honestly. I came downstairs yesterday morning, I was just going to edit this, and then Bang! Banned. It was the worst experience, having this left up, having people pour insults at your religion. Calling it “thoughtless” and telling me to quit, but not being able to respond.

Yet through all of this, I have become a stronger person. My views were uncertain before, and now they’re certain and I thank God for making such strength come out of such a bad situation.

And Pen, “homophobia is learnt, people are born gay.”
I agree with you there. I would put myself in both of those categories.

Here endeth the flamewar.

Guys Please End This NOW. Religion should NOT get involved under any circumstances