PCB Hecto-Mall

Hello all city owners of PCB the largest mall in PCB is going to be built by me and if you want your city to have the largest mall in it /mail me, write a message below Skype me a thatonecop2002 or if you see me online talk to me there as well get ready PCB for the Hecto-mall

Further information:
size- 60x80
floors- 8
height of each floor 6-8 blocks
estimated completion time (if built on 11/25/15) would be early 2016
would have a 5 level parking garage (Not included in the 60x80)
-Must be right hand drive
-front courtyard
-4 large add on Department stores: Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstroms and Sears
-100 estimated stores
-food court
-Movie theater
And Much More to come! ;D

Good luck!
Sounds like It could get a bit repetitive, so make sure to not just build 96 20x20 one story malls
Edit: this is just me saying good luck, not that I want it

[s]Seeing as no-one else has claimed it, I might ask a few questions to see whether it would fit in my town.

  1. 60X80. Is that an exact figure or is it more like 61x81?

  2. How big would the parking garage be?

  3. What would it be mostly made of?

  4. Will it go underground?

I already have a mall, but it’s shape is really not optimised for a mall. (As in, it’s built over a railway line, so to get from one side to the other it’s really hard. I could re-purpose that mall in favour of your mall which looks like it would be much bigger. I just need to know if this mall has any hope of fitting in my town before I accept.[/s]

I need a mall, since my city has zero attention, and no warp. :’( We need a shopping district (mall), and that would be perfect ThatOneCop. Hope you say something.