PCB Head Shop is now open!

The PCB Market now has a Head Shop!

Heads cost $50 each, and heads will be added/updated regularly.

Currently, not all heads are considered ‘safe’ - meaning they are attached to a player’s skin, and might change. We are currently looking into ways to avoid this, and will update the shops when we find a solution.

Happy Head Hunting!


Centered it for ya ruby… My inner OCD got the best of me

I also second this notion. Microwaves for all!

Sounds awesome I am going to have to add this to my assassination board…

Oh also:

Just gonna add that no refunds will be available for problems such as this.

Use MHF_? heads. They are placeholder accounts that never change skin. They have mob and mini block heads.

have done where possible, but MHF only covers a few items…