PCB Harlem shake?

Hello, Im here (due to insanity) wondering if PCB could do a harlem shake video on a certain day with a lot of guests and members. OR if someone is insanly good with animations (myth beast!) and can make MC characters (Perferably PCB members) and make them dance to harlem shake, that would be even better, or worse.

Sorry for the incredibly long sentence(s).

Feel free to lock it if it’s spam or an unwanted thread.


Harlem Shake vFinal (NODE Edition)

Unable to see video, will watch at school xD


I like the idea. I would like to do something real quick :3 Would be kinda fun to record. Not sure how long it will be before i can get an animation done though. Very little free time :stuck_out_tongue:

Friends don’t let friends make Harlem Shake videos. WELL SAID!

No Anima, friends Help friends do the Harlem Shake! lol

No, pie! You’ve gone to the dark side! Come back, we have pie… The reason why I don’t like harlem shake videos, is because it has become over popular at my school and people now think it’s cool to listen to it as a “song” When in reality it’s only like a 30 second song that is SUPPOSED to go with the video, not meant to be listened to over and over again.

Okay Anima! I’ll come back for the pie! lol, yeah, the song is pretty terrible, videos are funny as heck though. :smiley:

So am I the only person who knew the artist of the harlem shake song before it became a meme… and why are all my friends asking for a harlem shake video im waiting for this meme to burn out and its about to die soon, trust me I’M AN ENGINEER :stuck_out_tongue:
P.S. Artist who made harlem shake songs name is Baauer and he makes Trap music.

The Harlem Shake is highly overrated

I wouldnt actually mind being a part of this :smiley: , could at least upload something to the pcb youtube thats been neglected for so long XD

Lol, I just got done reading it and clicked on recent unread and I saw you pop up xD

I uploaded a sign glitch from PCB if that helps…Youtube: Swordmasterz1. IT should be on my channel on the top

“Friends don’t let friends do Harlem shake videos!!!”

Michael Jackson’s Thriller on the other hand…


No because reasons expressed brilliantly in this video:

Warning, sarcastic and dark humour!
Originality (The Harlem Shake) - A Dose of Buckley

set a time and date… and f*** the haterz

An animation would take some time, both for me to get time and ready for it, and then animating it takes a long time :stuck_out_tongue: So doing a quick event would work out pretty great.
I think if one of the admins don’t hate harlem shake, they should start it out. Then everybody that wants to be a part can do whatever on the second take.

No. Too late. Overdone. These things only last so long, by the time it was posted it was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too late imo.

No, hell no, just no.