PCB getting a playable adventure map?

So, me & MZ were thinking of making a adventure map on PCB and I made this post for 3 reasons,

  1. We could use some ideas for a plot
  2. We’re wondering if we could get some command blocks to be used for teleportation, a conversation maybe
  3. To see what all of you guys think about the idea :wink:

Could we please get some ideas on a storyline or setting ect. and more importantly are we allowed? [size=8pt]The are we allowed bit is more aimed at our staff hint hint :wink:

I also don’t mean like a Rancho map, I mean like a map that’s similar to ones you could download and play minus the download and put it into PCB, it could maybe implement mini games aswell (Hunger Games ect.)

I would like to have an Adventure map. Thank you, Shadowmeire. :slight_smile: Only if other players could make their own map, and/or storyline. There could be a lobby section that includes a teleportation buttons that leads to one of the main Adventure maps. And/or, there could be a room full of warps to certain adventure maps.

To be honest guys, Sacred and I are kinda working on a non-vanilla adventure map. i cannot really disclose any other information at this time about it.

I meant a vannila one, on the Creative PCB map :wink:

But vanilla is so damn boring XD idk how ya’ll play it all the time and dont get bored of it

It’s because you don’t believe in magic.

You’d have to get some OPs to help you with the command blocks as they are the only ones who can access them I think! I tried to place one in creative the other day and it said “You must be an OPed player in creative”. I don’t know if this means you have to be an OP or not?

When it says opped like that, it doesn’t mean us as staff. It means having the /op command given to you, which we don’t have.

Would the any of the SOPs be willing to help out with some command blocks?

You have to beeeeelliieevvee! ;D

Also, could we get some plot/setting suggestions, we don’t wanna build a map that nobody is interested in playing ::slight_smile:

Could we please get some ideas on a storyline or setting ect.
 Sure, Vex, I'll think of a story right now... "There was once a prisoner, he was sentenced to 10 years in jail for stealing someone's golden Iphone (In this universe, people treat their phones as precious devices). You, and many other players, must play mini-games. Here's the rules, the person who is in last place dies, and leaves the game, or spectates the other players. The mini-games can be random, but must have a leader board to see who is in last place.

Update : A HungerGames map is currently being built.

We’ll see about that xD

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