PCB Games Night

So begins the revival of PCB Game Nights, where every weekend we try to bring short free non-Minecraft games to waste time together. Starting off for our first session, we’re going to be playing through a bit of the Half-Life 1 campaign in Sven Co-Op through Steam. Shoot and bash your way through the Black Mesa complex with as many people as we can gather as everything proceeds to go to crap.

Games Night will be spread across three separate sessions to try an provide a convenient time for most parts of the world. Those times being: Sunday, 22nd of July at 4am, 2pm, and 8pm UTC.

If the time conversion is too much for you, a reminder that we have a Steam group with announcements set to pop up at the time Game Nights will start.

Hope you guys will enjoy.

I’m in, I finally have weekends off.

Woohoo, cards against humanity better be a thing - I’m in love with it


Yeah we should definitely do CAH again. For whoever is running it: I’ve refined and updated the custom pack I originally created a while back for us, its new ID is 37PAT.

Alright first time around didn’t do so bad. This weekend we’ll be trying something new for us though. We’ll be racing against each other through weird and…no, just plain weird, lands to the finish in the browser based Board Game Online. This one will be taking place on the 29th of July, same great times, same great place (that being the Gaming voice chat in our Discord).

If anyone wants an EU4 game night, I have all DLC installed

I’m down
Would we be doing custom nations or just picking one.

This sounds like a brilliant idea

add me on steam anyone (Dantosky) and this would be very cool! Hopefully a civ5 or Overwatch night would be great. Wouldn’t mind a cheeky CaH sesh too :wink:

Civ 5 absolutely needs to happen! I’ll add you on steam today or tomorrow as well

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Civ5 > EU4 :smile:

I’d be down for a game of CIV

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Custom nations can easily become very powerful very quickly, especially in a multiplayer game- but if everyone wants that then we can give it a try.

I’d be down for a game of EU4, but I’d probably sit out custom nations. Were a game to happen, would we have any limiters to make the starts more even? (ie: no Ottomans/France/Ming etc., as they are very inclined to blob out of control quite easily.) Fine if not. I’d probably play a trade republic, maybe try for Holland > Netherlands? Gotta love that Dutch Republic special government type. I’ve little-to-no experience with some of the less necessary expansions, so that’d be interesting.