PCB Game Nights

[size=14pt]PCB Game Nights

[size=12pt]I am very excited to announce PCB Game Nights! This is a brand new weekly event that I will be hosting. There will be different games hosted each week. There will be a variety of cooperative and competitive games and you guys are more than welcome to give me suggestions for what games to host in the future or reply with any questions.

After discussion with Staff, we have decided that all game nights will be running on Saturdays at 9PM GMT and that game nights will be taking place on the PCB Teamspeak server.

Also, look out for threads where games/details will be issued. Remember, be friendly to fellow members and we’re here to have fun!

I’m looking forward to playing with everyone and meeting new people if I haven’t met you yet! All the best.

AGx :smiley:

[size=12pt]Events Timetable
[size=12pt]Saturday 5th December @9PM GMT | Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt
Saturday 12th December @9PM GMT |
Sunday 20th December @9PM GMT | Cards Against Humanity
Saturday 26th December @9PM GMT | (Unconfirmed Game Night)
Saturday 2nd January @9PM GMT |

What kind of games?

Monopoly will bring upon the apocalypse

It’ll mainly be online muliplayer games from steam etc.

Will there be a PCB Game Nights board or child board?

I want to put this forward aswell.

Oh god. Yes. Just. Yes.

That was a no brainier for me when planning this XD!

If we’re allowed then that’d definitely organise things :smiley:

Wild Javi Appears


this game is a must
10/10 javi approved

anyways hope everyones good, just checkin in :wink:

CAH is always an excellent game night game, for sure.

Err… Maybe not for the younger crowd, who don’t understand the innuendo and dark humor as well, but still wonderful.

Cards against humanity is hilarious

Definitely a must

I agree. I got CAH for Christmas of last year.

Speaking of younger crowds, if there’s any games that are unsuitable for young people,then I will mention that. Good point Zak!

And as staff already know I will be hosting gmod prop hunt first, more information on that soon, but we can certainly do CAH as the game night after!

You can also click the little TS button on the top right of the website just under the big “Vote For Us” and it should open itself up.

I have updated the first post to show all upcoming Game Nights that will be happening.

I would also highly appreciate it if you guys suggest games you would like to see be played on the Game Nights.

That’s all for now and don’t forget about tomorrow’s Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt!