PCB Game Nights Poll | UK & Australia

So there’s been some suggestions from our Australian members & staff that PCB Game Nights should expand timing. I have made a poll where I have listed a few possible times that Game Nights could start.

Please only vote if you’re in the UK & Australia time zones. Times above will be GMT & AEST.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: If anybody from any other time zones feel like they can participate in these times then also feel free to vote!

Looks like 11PM AEST best suits. I’ll make this the default time for AU Events.

Stay tuned for April events in the Monthly Bulletin!

Okay! I am putting up one more poll. This is to determine what games will be hosted. Yet again, only vote if you will be able to make game nights that will start at:


EDIT: If you have any other suggestions, feel free to reply!

Thanks for voting! I’ll keep the poll open in case but it looks like agar.io and CAH with the same leaderboard takes the schedule slots.

8 AM on a weekend for me. Doesn’t sound horrible at all. I may join you guys. I’m usually up around that time anyways.

If it’s Agar.io I might join in for the fun in the U.S. , maybe even record a vid with yall, but I will win :stuck_out_tongue: