PCB Game Nights | April

[size=14pt][b]April events!

Friday Nights (UK & U.S)
Weekends (UK & U.S)
Weekends (UK & AU)[/b]

what’s with he UK US and AU thing? timezone?

Yes there’s been requests to have game nights suited for Australia time zones so I thought we try it out

Are US participants able to join the UK and AU game nights if we’d like to play with the Aussies?

Of course! anybody can still join. I just use the specific countries as the game nights are tailored for that country’s time zones.

I believe AU Game Nights are early morning in the U.S

Maybe one night we could get a group and go on the Disney server @AGx? :slight_smile:

Yes. Yes. Yes.

If the Mini games session is successful (a good turnout of people) we can look into that I suppose :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’ve actually said what times the new UK & AU slot is anywhere

The time will be in the game night details when they’re released like I’ve done for Crassclown’s TF2 session

 Agar.io, my favorite web game! It's for the 9th, and 23rd of April. I'll make sure I'll be online.  :)