PCB Game Nights | April & Beyond

March Game Nights have been planned and shall be revealed in the monthly bulletin. For this topic though, I would like to see what you would like for future Game Nights.

Please fill out the poll thanks :smiley:

More Cards Against Humanity, cuz I keep forgetting to join in with you guys >.<

Cards Against Humanity, War Thunder, TF2, Heroes and Generals, things like that- so everyone can play together (All these titles are free), plus they’re all actually very good games!

Jacob and I are playing War Thunder as we speak!
Also, I plan to play Heroes and Generals soon after.

(As you may see, I like WWII games)

If anyone wants to learn more about the games I listed, please let me know. I’d be glad to explain these games and their summaries.

If we choose to do Mineplex, I have the Titan rank so I can run a whitelisted private minigames server. We can select games and maps, and I can grant co-host to other staff members. This is, of course, if I can attend the game night.

How about The Ship: Murder Party?

Brilliant ideas guys! I’ll update the poll so you can vote for your ideas and see if anybody else is up for them. Keep the voting going :smiley:


Hypixel? :wink:

I suppose that can correspond with Mineplex. I’ll link it in the poll

jackpartybox 1 and 2

We have that planned for March! You’ll find it on the PCB Monthly Bulletin.

UPDATE: Added Geawf’s suggestion to the poll

And from what it looks like, these games will have the highest priority for future Game Nights:

  • Minecraft Mini-Game Servers
  • agar.io
  • Team Fortress 2

I will try and implement other games too on the odd occasion.