PCB Game Nights #11 | Team Fortress 2 | 26/03/2016 | UK/U.S

[size=14pt]Game Night will be hosted by Crassclown
[size=14pt]Details Here!

i guess its time to redownload TF2 and get in the groove again

Who is this “Crassclown” you speak of? ::slight_smile:

So what I’m getting from this is you want to be pestered more frequently?

Ooo, I might join in on this one :smiley:

Edit: nvm. just realised this is pretty early in my timezone :frowning:

Same! Tf2 yay!

Just sayin, but if anyone has any equipment or items or keys on TF2 that they dont need, or duplicates, i would like them <3 its been quite a while since i played, and i redownloaded it today to make sure my Laptop will play it ok, and i noticed my list of items is quite low Q>Q


Speaking of Ooo, you’ll be saying Ooo to a new host and a new game when TF2 starts tonight! Being hosted by Crass ‘ValveGames’ Clown, you’re sure to have a once in a lifetime experience!

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As a side note I am currently busy with something IRL and may be a little late. On the bright side I have an abundance of time otherwise and therefore the Gamenight is running until we’re out of people.