PCB Gallery Issues

I’ve been trying to add photos to the PCB website albumbs but unfortunatly It wont let me. Keep getting an error message… Am I doing something wrong or is it just some messed up coding?

The image below the first is the message that pops up after submitting.

Try saving the file as a .png rather than a .jpg

You can do that by opening it in almost any photo editor by choosing a different format when saving it.

Same result. I tried PNG first then switched it to jpg prior

not sure if this may be the case still, but i believe _andy still dosn’t have this section of the website up and running.

He must not have time to activate it or something. If my website knowledge is correct, its only one click to activate it.

No the section is running, but i had run into the file awhile back…

However, no ranks have permission to use the page quite yet.

Until the permissions are fixed, feel free to use this link to post pictures. The best ones may be added by andy at a later date. PCB Gallery Forum