PCB First Server Bank

I remember 2 maps ago we had a bank. I thought it was really nice to have somewhere to hold your money, and gain interest. This is great for shop owners who buy stuff for other players (such as me, kurry, and many others) because people won’t be able to take all your money. This was run by a plugin, so there is no risk of embezzlement ;D

I think we need to bring this back, along with come changes:

(1)Lower interest rate
(2)Checking + Savings accounts
(4)Fancy vault place

(1)Last time, people were able to get money too fast in the bank. If we brought it back, it should be lower (like 1% a week).
(2) We should have two different kinds of accounts, one checking and one saving. The checking would be like a normal throw money in and get money out kinda thing, while the savings would have a higher interest rate but you wouldn’t be able to take your money out (i.e. Week, 2 week, month, 2 month).
sI know a lot of players who have great ideas, but just don’t have the money to execute them. If the bank set up a loan section, people would be able to barrow the funds needed to make their dreams come true, lol. I’m not sure how the bank would get the money back, if they didn’t pay…[/s]
(4)This would just be a cool add on, a fancy place were people can claim single chests to store there most valuable possessions, such as beacons, diamonds, gold, fancy tools, etc. It would allow people to keep their expensive items safe in one location.

For those who don’t like the economy, remember you don’t have to make a bank account. You can continue to keep your money as you have its now. If you have any ideas, or want something changed/removed from this proposal, please post below. Even if we can’t add all the ideas, I think this should be implemented.

Yes, I liked the original, but my gawd, that interest rate was crazy high. I’m liking dis. :smiley:

It was a very good idea the bank we had before

With every bank there is a lavish CEO house (WIP)

WARNING: Huge image!


I’d like people who voted no, or to have this proposition changed, to explain why. That way I can clear confusion or understand why people don’t want this.

I just dont like the bank idea in general, if it ain’t broken, why fix it?

It’s not that it’s fixing anything, this just adds more ways to earn money and a better place to store it, too.

Yep, sounds like a great idea to me. Apart for the loan thing, I say no to that.

Yeah, I think the loan thing would be too hard to do, and I don’t think it would be good for people to worry about the money they owe one PCB, lol. It would be nice, however, for people to somehow get money to start their shop, towns, and etc.

I voted no because for someone that tries to advocate the avoidance of inflation, this only helps to hasten inflation. If money stops being spent, and even incurs interest, then that means it’s not going anywhere while increasing in amount, which then decreases its value. Neither does this solve the problem of balancing the spread, as the interest is more beneficial to people that have thousands, not hundreds, meaning that the rich get richer and the poor stay the same.
In short, this makes no solution and only worsens the problems you claim to be fixing.

I don’t like the loan idea either. But I’m pro banking!

Inflation was a problem before we started advertising, about 2 months ago. With all the new players, the average money per person is dropping rapidly despite the server still creating more money. We need to find more ways for people to make money, because right now it’s very difficult for everyone.

The average per player 5 days ago was $1,400, now it’s $900.

This sounds really Great! :smiley: Having loans would be a luxury, but there really does need to be a way to get the money back.

Yeah, loans would be nice to have…however there is no way to really get the money back, and people worrying about making their payments on time…and credit scores…etc is too much unneeded problems and issues. I’m taking the loan section out of the proposal, and now it’s just about having a Checking/Savings Bank.

Except creating new money from the server doesn’t solve the problem, it makes it worse. Instead of printing new money the correct solution is trying to find a way for the rich to spread their money around for the poorer people to work for.

This isn’t made to be a solution for anything, it’s just another way to store/make money.

How we fix the poorer-players issue is by adding more stuff for people to buy, that way people who have a lot of money have something to spend it on, which will then spread the money around.

So, does this pass with 13/19 votes?

I would like to be able to rob the bank in a heist that would fun…

There are no physical money item though

So…again…this passes? Can we put this into the server?