PCB Elections/President

Idk, this is some idea I thought of…

What of the server haf monthy elections, electing a sort of ‘president’ who thinks of and implements their ideas on how to run the server. They can deal with market issues, town issues, implementing ideas/suggestions, etc

2-3 Cantidates would be chosen to run in the monthy elections, and the person with 50%+ would win (if nobody has over 50% staff would vote on it).

A PCB President would need the consent of staff before making rules.

This doesnt really need approval or anything, since it doesnt really add anything (votes would be on the forums). But, I wanna ask, does this sound interesting to anyone else. Having a President would be a great way to focus the important issues from the players!

I voted no but it is late. I will post reason in the AM.

No, but we could have a player of the month who would be featured of the website!
We could even have a few categories. Best players would be elected by all the players using qualified majority voting (meaning you have more votes depending on your rank)

  • Best player
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Staff

This would create an incentive to be a good player or staff. Best newcomer would force people to pay attention to new players. We could even had a cash price!

We already have ways of doing this, as shown very recently. In the last week, three new commands were allowed, and we have a new market. I think everything is fine as it is, but I second Guibo’s idea. ;D

Honestly, I vote yes. With the Federation on the rise there really aren’t any limits to this. I am not trusted, but I think that only trusted ranks+ should be allowed to run. I think that the trusted people will be more experienced and also, YOU WONT GUESS, trusted. I like this idea. I mean, just because someone made the town or helped the most doesn’t mean they should be in charge-all the time without a majority vote. We could even do turn limits. THis could have some down sides, but I am with you. Good luck!

No, I personally like making all the decisions as a group, not leaving one person to say “do this” or “do that”.

^ Ditto. I also think we should discuss this during the State of the Union Address that Robin mentioned.