PCB Economy Stats

How much has PCB been spending this Christmas? Find out using our new economy stats home.


The new system utilises all market data starting as of 3 months ago, including in-depth looks into:

[ul][li]Individual item data (also seperated by item codes: red wool, blue wool, etc)[/li]
[li]Individual player data
[li]This month’s top 5 performing shops/sellers[/li]
[li]A list of all transactions taking place[/li]
[li]Server net worth tracking
Stats are automatically updated every 2 hours to keep server load down.

The system has been under development for a few weeks and some bugs still exist. Planned features/fixes include:

[ul][li]All items having icons (on the item list page)
[li]Filtering the Transaction list (ie. sorting, browsing past 250 results, search)[/li]
[li]User balance tracking over time
Big thank you to _specialk, Kyle8910 and Ouhai_Ruby for doing some testing/feedback.

Merry Christmas PCB! :slight_smile:

Edit: the page can now be access using the navigation bar at the top. Stats > Economy Stats
Edit 2: it can also now be accessed from the homepage by clicking the “Economy” icon.

I tried to make the stats as descriptive and easy to understand as I could. If you still don’t understand a particular statistic, post here and I’ll explain what it is and how it’s calculated.

Also, if there are any other stats you’d like to see calculated and displayed, let me know and I’ll try include it in the next update.

Brilliant! Genuinely interesting to look through. I especially like the shops page. Good work Andy :slight_smile: Merry christmas

I plan on making it to at least 2nd shop. Hopefully even 1st.

Good luck getting to 1st. Unless you decide to have a massive diamond sale :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Job! I think this is my favorite PCB feature ;D

Here are some of my ideas on how to make it better

-Make top shop’s Sales % up or down based on the month’s average, instead of yesterday’s.
-Update some of the item pictures/names (i.e. beacon, logs, dyes)
-Make “Players” organized by money rather than alphabetical order

-Some kind of graph that shows buying vs. selling ratios
-Cutomizale shop pages, holding promotions, locations, prices, etc.
-Graph for shops, similar to items, to show selling trends
-Shop wealth graph, based on inventory
-Some sort of graph to show “/money pay” trends
-Housing tab (if we get a housing plugin)
*Average housing prices
*Top towns
*Top real estate owners

You already can. Click Balance in the table and it re-sorts them.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll do that in the next update.

Already planned for the next update.

Like Ouhai said, this can already be done.

It already does this for individual items, but I just noticed that for some reason it’s not working for all of them. Diamond is an example of a working one: http://www.projectcitybuild.com/economy_stats.php?stats=items&item=Diamond_&meta=0. The pie chart in the middle shows Buy vs Sell

I’ll consider it, but don’t hold my word to it.

Not sure what this would show. Does the individual player stats not already show this?

Sadly, I don’t have access to this data but I will definitely include that if I can figure out a way to get it :frowning:

On a user’s page the recent transactions list is slightly misleading:

This implies ‘Somebody sold leaves to TheUKOCtopus for $1.75’. In fact it should be ‘TheUKOctopus sold leaves to someone for $1.75’. I think you should swap the first two columns and remove ‘to’ and ‘from’ so it says ‘TheUKOctopus sold leaves’.

Yes! Thank you! I tried to tell andy that. Now go and convince him :slight_smile:

Fixed. That was actually a bug, it wasn’t meant to be that way :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I didn’t understand was, how is the bought vs. sold calculated? Because the chart shows that people are buying more, but the data shows that more were sold.

Whoops. I had it the wrong way round. Fixed

Suggestion 2:
For the icons hook into MCWiki’s system, that way you don’t need to manually get all of them

I didn’t know they had such a thing. Thanks! That’ll save me a lot of time :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what’s iron barding?

iron horse armour

Top Shops page is broken.

No, it was reset since it was the 1st. I think it should be info gathered that month (i.e. December 17-January 17), rather than resetting every 1st

I think it might be trying to access data from December 2014, as depending on how it was coded it could be seen as last month…