PCB Discord

Hey everyone,

Some of you might know and probably most don’t but!
We have a discord server which is available to use for chatter outside the server and for asking help when you are not on the server playing. It is also possible the use discord to voice chat with other players.
Discord has been rising a lot in the past year and the discord channel was made by Andy half a year ago.
Sadly it hasn’t started up a lot yet, but we won’t let this effort go to waste and attempt to get it started more.

More players are using Discord lately so we invite everyone again to join us to hang out discuss things and just have fun!

https://discord.gg/48mbB4t <----------- =3

Remember to have fun!

Just made an account! :slight_smile:

How does it compare to team speak? like, pros vs cons?

Discord is a lot more organized, cleaner, and modern than TS.
The chat functions of Discord are more of the focus.
You can have direct messaging.
Bots are a lot easier to configure and run than they would be on TS.
Starting a Discord channel is free.

It’s newer and people are accustomed to TS already.
Having as many channels as we do on TS would be messy on Discord.

I don’t use Discord that often, and all of this is from a user perspective. I haven’t really been able to mess around with Discord as a channel moderator/owner as much.

You can also see what everyone else is playing which works with more games then just steam

I’ve had Discord, for about four months, and I like using it. But, I’m more accustomed to using Teamspeak 3. If more players, in PCB, choose to use Discord, then I will do the same. But, for now, I will be using Teamspeak.

I would use it!

I used to use it quite often

I have it, hardly know how to work it though

Also easy app for them mobile phones

but yeah the chatbox would be easy to use for helping sudden problems instead of forums posts which aren’t reacted to as fast

Gotta say… this list of pros and cons bothers me.

Organized, cleaner, and modern? All of those are either false, or an opinion. You yourself contradict yourself in your last line about how messy discord would be if you tried to use as many channels as the TS we have.

Chat function focus? How is it different from TS? Both work perfectly fine as chat programs too.
Direct messaging? BOTH can do that.
The line about bots may be true, but we don’t WANT bots.
Again, BOTH servers are free.

The cons you listed here are not cons. Saying people are used to TS is not a con of using Discord.

I don’t dislike Discord, I just don’t see the point when we already have TS which does the same thing. I know PCB has a Discord server too, but I don’t like splitting up people to different programs without reason.

The two that I think are actually true are the bot integration (looks like its better setup to accept and use bots)
and the chat functionality (mainly because its persistent without you being online so you cant miss messages).

Apart from that it feels quite non-intuitive and reminds me alot of skype which I hate. I am a TS fanboy, ignore my message.