PCB D&D Group

Hey all I was just chatting with some people about D&D and it made me think "How come with such a variety in PCB players why isn’t there a D&D group. as someone that is interested in getting into it (and knowing some others who are also hoping to play some) it would be really cool to find others who are interested including some that have played before as we could do with some veteran players to DM and join the group.

Reply in this topic or lemme know in game or with /mail if your interested and i could put together a group.


Hey omganator! I’ve played a few games before with friends and have wanted to reach out to others as well. I would be down to play with you and whomever else decides to join. Not sure when I would be available but if I get a heads-up I can allocate some time in my week!

I would be very interested in this Omg. I think somewhere on my computer I already have a character sheet, if you want to check it out I can DM it to you on discord or something like that. I would have trouble having some time but if you could set up a consistent time and day(s) of the week I would be able to make sure I can play then.

Edit: I have played through two campaigns before but its been a while since I last played so I might have a lot of questions :slight_smile:

ah cool so after doing some research there are a few options as to stuff we can use to play. there is a website called Roll20 that is free and can work well for the sessions OR we can create a discord server dedicated to it and run it using some plugins potentially (if we can figure that out in time to start promptly).
also what time zones are people in and when people are good for a couple hour sessions. i will shortly be finished for my entire uni year so i will be free nearly 24/7 for hosting if needs be however i am on GMT time so will take some planning it all out.

also if you can let others on pcb who you think may have an interest know that this is on forum as the more the merrier!

Depending on what times we can play, I’d be down.

I would highly recommend using Roll20. It does a lot of the hard work for you, and has a pretty comprehensive set of features for the DM.


Im in PDT timezone

Im in MST

I’m definitely in! I’m in the CEST time zone.

Just been thinking, I’ve never DM’d before but I’d be happy to give it a go if you need me to

I would like to join in aswell. My timezone is CEST +1

I’ve never really played but I would be interested. Is there some website it can be played on (like cards against humanity)? My timezone is EST

@jmvvana oll20 is a go-to for a lot of folks for playing D&D online, and D&D Beyond is known for being a good toolkit for looking up rules, finding monsters, keeping track of your character and whatnot, etc. I’m sure there’s others as well.

What’s the current status of the D&D group happening @omganator?

rip me i actually nearly forgot about it to be fair cause of the whole “gta5 being free = all i want to do is play”. i will start by adding everyone to a custom discord chat and we can start arranging a time slot for everyone and i can get the 2 DM’s to exchange resources and come up with a time frame for us to be playing by. once we have everything nearly ready in terms of campaign ill get us all organised for a “character creation” session so that we can all create our characters and help their personalities bounce off of each other. i would start the discord tomorrow but its my mother’s birthday so i will definitely get it started the day after. can everyone @me on discord on games chat so that i can add you all as friends and invite you to the DND group.