PCB County Mugshot 2.0 -2016

Basically Version 2 of this http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=9681.msg105054#msg105054

ah yes, this is back, after AGx’s original post this is the order,
PCB County Prison
Registration Date
Prison Number

Have Fun Posting Ya Criminal! :smiley: ( i will post later after school )

Aaaand Here We Are With Criminal 01

Whispers to Whbilbo Is it bad to say that I still don’t get it XD

I don’t say i’m a criminal to go to the prison xD


[size=large]Fun fact, my forum registry date is not the date that I actually joined PCB. The exact date that I joined has been lost in my memory and the classic files, but it’s August 20-somethingth of 2011. (So my 5 year is coming up in just a few months)

You may have jailed my body, but you will never capture my freedom. -iRubix

@VirBinarus Its not in there, i just clicked insert quote and scrolled through it. Nice try tho. Maybe next time you make a original joke that is funny?

ohh… ok

I see people are taking these mugshots themselves, does that make them cellfies?

Is that a better joke Josh?

lol :slight_smile: