PCB City of the Year Finalists

All in the top 10 for votes made it into the Finals and automatically can have a sign in their town hall saying so and what their rank is! The semi finalists are:

9th Place: Tie between Zandernburg/Santana Bay

7th Place: Tie between Phoenix/Avalon

5th Place: Tie between Hong Kong/Kanata

4th Place: New Vex City

3rd Place: Achilles

2nd Place: Pine Terrace

1st Place: Rennes

But it’s not over yet! If you voted for a city or two that is no longer on the list, just vote for another two! The final final top 10 will be decided on December 20th or so idk it matters how long this thread is alive. Good job to everyone who was a finalist, and


P.S vote phoenix lel

vote nvc for a cookie

-your local evil blue fairy thing with a sword

Good luck! [size=1pt]Rennes will win

Viva la Rennes!!!

Damn you found our Achilles heel, we’re losing

you forgot 6 and 10…

Tied means shared number, then you carry on from where you would have been if there was no tie. Would have been clearer to write them as

=9th Zandenburg =9th Santana Bay etc.
but still

bu’dum tss

Allright, voting locked, time to announce the top 3