PCB Breaking: Hostage taken in BnS

[size=1.45em]PCB BREAKING

Today the well known town owner, Javiero, took a dog (Fido, 3(dog years)) Hostage inside BnS. It is unknown what his demands are. The fugitive entered the area unseen by using a villager disguise.
PCB News will keep you updated on the story.

EDIT: Our press photographer took a photo at the scene (Warning: Disturbing images, click photo to see.)

Unfortunately, Fido did not make it due to the fact that the demands weren’t satisfied.


Welp, now we have Vinny.

My Tactical SWSWAT (sheep with special weapons and tactics) team are unavailable to help sorry

PCB Breaking will attempt to get an interview with the fugitive. Of course his demands were not made public which in my opinion totally ruins the point…